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Testing the limits of the hive mind here, but...There is an episode of "What's New Scooby Doo" called "Large Dragon at Large." I gotta find the music from the chase scene. As usual, theres...

Watching this with my almost two year old son, we were both rockin to the chase scene music (its a proper verse/chorus/verse song with lyrics, which led me to think it was a preexisting song, rather than one created for the episode) but alas, we rocked so hard, i couldnt pick up any lyrics other than "why dont you" repeated during the chorus. Other than that, there's not much info, other than its a jangly poppy number.

Maybe someones got a DVD collection, or can pull up credits, my google/imdb fu has failed...
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According to Wikipedia, Simple Plan is strongly connected to the series, with several songs played during chase scenes.... I suggest a quick trip to the iTunes Store to see if you can find anything that... strikes a chord... (Youch!)
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Is this Real Audio file from this page what you're looking for? It's the one titled "Get Away".
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No such luck, booksherpa. The vocals I'm looking for are male. Simple Plan has also been ruled out (at least their album cuts.)
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Is the show available on DVD? You could rent the DVD from Netflix or something and rip/record the music on your PC.
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The Ghosts of Me and You by Less than Jake?

Link to the Disc on amazon to sample.
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provocateur, the page I linked to is one page of the site of the 2 people listed as the "Original Music By" credit (along with Simple Plan) on IMDB. Maybe an email to them would provide an answer? If they weren't involved with it, they might be able to point you to who was.
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