I'd Like to Guest DJ (Industrial/Techno) in a St. John's, Newfoundland Night Club
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Does anyone here work in the club scene in St. John's, Newfoundland? I'm going to be flying out there for a week on Thursday, and I thought it might be fun to see if I can arrange a guest DJ spot at a nightclub, but my Googling has proved fruitless. Is there a club scene out there at all? Any nights that would be open to an industrial/techno/etc guest set? Even if I can't play, I'd like to know if there's anywhere that might be a fun place to pass the time. Suggestions, my cod-kissing friends?

(...and yes, I know that it's the mainlanders who must kiss the cod, not the good folk of salt and sea...)
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I don't work in the club scene anywhere & have only ever visited St. John's a few times & so can't vouch for these, but I found links to 'Liquid Ice' and 'The Zone 216' (warning - popups!) via this page.
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Kissing the cod is not the bad part, the bad part is the screech :) (at least if you are like me and somehow wind up with the bottle afterwards :P)
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I am about 24 hours away from St. John's by car (including the ferry ride) in Halifax (the nearest big city, if you can call it that) and I would recomend The Rave Halifax Messageboard. There is probably someone there that might be of help. Also, Revolution Records might have contacts there. I only know of Fred's Music in St. John's, but I am pretty sure there isn't much techno available there.
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