Where can I get my car fixed in Arlington, VA?
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I have a 2000 Mazda Protege that isn't working for some reason, and thus has to be brought into a shop. Any suggestions for a shop in/near Arlington, Virginia (basically, close enough that AAA will tow it there). Just looking for a car place I can trust (and ideally one that's reasonably priced, too), because I know diddly about cars....
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My uncle and aunt used to take their Mazdas exclusively to Top Japanese Auto, off of Route 50. I took my '84 Mazda there for years, too. (This was, unfortunately, about 5 years ago -- I've moved out of the area, and they take their leased cars to the dealer.)
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I'd get an account with Washington Consumers Checkbook. After getting jerked around for years by different mechanics, I looked through the ratings and found one that was highly rated by people around here in Maryland. I couldn't be happier.

Consumers Checkbook people are top notch too in how they teach you what to ask etc. in looking for services throughout the area.
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Arlington's a big place, inigo - can you be a little more specific? Where AAA will tow to depends on your membership level. Basic is only 3 miles, which severely limits your choices. Plus is 100 which means pretty much near anywhere.

I don't have personal experience with any Arlington shops but in Fairfax just off the intersection of Rt 50 and Rt 28 (just south of Dulles Airport) is Performance Buyer's Club and I have done business with them in some capacity for almost 10 years now. I've used their shop services many times and can say they're 100% honest and reliable.

If you want to find somewhere closer and nobody offers a suggestion you might look at the Mechanic finder at www.cartalk.com
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I've had very good luck with A-One Auto (listing at Cartalk) on South Picket Street in Alexandria (which might be out of your free tow zone if you're in the Basic package, but it's not that much a mile beyond your included amount). So far, I've only had positive experences with them.
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We've had decent luck with Japanese Auto care on Washington (intersection of Washington with ... Wilson?).
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Best answer: The guys over at Car Talk, Have a database of decent mechanics. I've found two there (based on reader reviews) that are dead on and excellent.

Search here

(I can't find a way to post the search results.)
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Another one that may be close, depending on where in Arlington you are, is Yates Automotive on Braddock Road in Alexandria. I used them for several years, and always had excellent service.
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My girlfriend and I have been astoundingly happy with Curry's Automotive. They've actually taken the time to walk through problems, possible solutions, and recommend lower-cost options. I just picked my Saab up from them yesterday.

I'd even say they're worth the extra ten dollars in towing you might have to pay.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I'm in Courthouse, and I work out in Merrifield (so those Falls Church places are intriguing as well). I'm not sure what level of AAA I am, to be honest; I'll have to figure that out. Once I pick one, I'll post what I went with, and how it was.

Thanks again!
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We've had decent luck with Japanese Auto care on Washington (intersection of Washington with ... Wilson?).

It's actually on N. Glebe and N. Washington in Ballston.

My brother takes his Honda to the place over in East Falls Church that the International Motors folks recommend (they do Saabs too, obviously) and has been really happy with them. I'll get the recommendation from him tomorrow and post it here. Otherwise, email me, michellerw at gmail.
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Response by poster: Well, the immediate issue turned out to be a dead battery, which I took care of, so I haven't brought it into a shop yet. I will be doing so (a few other things not quite right), and will mark which I choose then.
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