I'll give you $1 for this car, do you have change?
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Where can I find this radio commercial campaign for VW?

The commercial is part of a series and it has this guy with a German accent acting like an interested buyer at a competitor's dealership. He makes snarky comments ("Car, honk if you are sucking." *honk*) and they usually end with this boppy electronic jingle, which I can't help but really like. I'd like to find all of them because my friend and I have discovered we both like them and we've decided we must memorize some of those lines to randomly spout at cocktail parties. The VW website only has TV commercials.
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Can't help you with finding those ads, but I LOVE those spots too. I like the line that he has about feeling like he is in a washing machine, and everything is so "wishy washy."

I imagine that it's the same guy that is in the VW television spots - vee-dub, representing Deutchland, ya.
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