I Hate Sakar International Inc.
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Now that I've just taken a big chunk out of my thumb with my cheap Sakar tripod, can someone please enlighten me as to the CORRECT way to collapse its legs when I'm done using it?

Model "5SE-SLV" 'Digital Photo/Video Tripod.' Extruded steel tube legs telescope out and tiny spring-loaded buttons way too small to push with a finger or thumb lock legs in place. Apparently, collapsing the legs has something to do with pushing on the upper part of the legs, but I haven't discovered the trick for doing this predictably. Funny, there's a big cardboard card extolling the virtues of this tripod, but not one damn word about how to fold it up. Duh.

Should I just take it back to Wal-Mart for a refund?
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Response by poster: BTW, no one answered after 10 minutes on hold for "customer support."
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10 minutes on hold is nothing nowadays - did you wait longer?
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I would seriously consider getting a refund; you don't mention what you are using the tripod for, but stability and functionality is very much inversely proportional to price. Even Wolf/Ritz camera have a better selection than Walmart is likely to have, and the ones here have them out on the floor to play with and check out before buying. It sounds like this ine is not too user friendly, and the Sakar tripods I have seen are pretty flimsy, which defeats their purpose.
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Something so dangerous (and I'm guessing cheap) isn't worth messing with, I'd take it back.

For sub $100 tripods I like the lever lock style that Velbon makes. They are solid when locked but loose enough when unlocked that the leg sections move freely. Plus the levers are easy to operate while wearing gloves.

What I do is hold the pod vertically upside down with my left hand and unlock the levers with my right rotating the pod three times to get all three legs. I then orient the pod right side up and give a slight shake. This extends all the legs. I then lock all the levers. Finally I splay the legs and hang my camera bag by it's strap where the centre post meets the legs. The mass of the bag hanging from the pod steadies the pod and damps vibration. Collapsing the pod is the reverse of set up.

Velbon makes at least some tripods for Sony. I just bought a $60 Velbon tripod and a $150 Sony pod. They are _exactly_ the same except for the labels/screen printing.
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Mitheral - Can you possibly point me to an Amazon link for that Velbon? :)
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