Washer-Dryer Specificity Help Needed
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Finding a washer and dryer by depth or other specs: any websites that can help?

We're buying a washer and dryer, and would prefer to get stacking front-loaders. When I bought my cell phone, I used phonescoop.com, where I could type in detailed preferences. Are there any similar websites for washers & dryers? I've searched but not found. (FYI, we're especially depth-sensitive, as they're going in a closet.)
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I'd still go by Consumer Reports and then look up the top rated machines for the specs on their respective sites. Consumer Reports is always one of the best authorities on consumer goods.
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You can get every/all appliance specs, dimensions, installation guides, etc. from Dimension Express (site seems to be down right now and not sure if you can type ). Also, if you're visiting a particular name brand website, and looking at a specific model, there will usually be a link for specs or guides or 'more about this product', etc. - check those for dimensions.

If all else fails then visit That Home Site, part of the GardenWeb, and post a query.
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