Trek Costumes?
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Can anyone suggest a place in the greater Los Angeles area to rent or purchase Star Trek costumes?

The costumes are of the "Star Trek: The Original Series" flavor. I need to get my hands on them today or tomorrow. Seven total, of multiple colors (yellow, blue, red). I've made the calls to the big rental shops, as well as to Paramount Costuming... no dice. I'm thinking more along the lines of the geeky corner store magic shop? Any ideas? Online shops w/ overnight delivery?

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Maybe eBay, and ask if you can collect?
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You could call Robinson's Beautilities in Culver City. They have a pretty crazy selection of costumes. If they can't help you, they might be able to at least point you in the right direction.
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I would be astounded to find that Hollywood Toys and Costumes (on Hollywood Blvd. in, you guessed it, Hollywood) didn't have Star Trek costumes. Are they one of the stores you've already tried?
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The staff at Valentino's Costumes is very helpful and their inventory is huge. Don't know about Star Trek, but it's worth a shot!
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best question ever.
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Magic World @ 10122 Topanga Canyon Blvd in Chatsworth saved the day with Trek shirts. Robinson's Beautilities had the Spock ears.

Pretty much every other place -- both costume rental places -- and stores like Hollywood Toys and Costumes didn't have them for rent. The answer I mostly got was that since Trek is licensed, they can't rent the costumes.

Had I more lead-time, I would have just ordered them off the web. My cat and I thank you for all the suggestions!
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