Portable/mobile printer recommendations?
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Can anyone recommend a portable printer besides the Canon i80/iP90?

I'm looking for a mobile inkjet printer with an ultra small form factor that can print to 3"x 8" cardstock in black and white at a relatively quick speed. I'm mailing these printers with a laptop to clients so they can print badges for an event.

I'm currently using the Canon i80 and iP90 but I'm finding they break very easily and are very unreliable. I'd also consider using a bubble jet or any other type of printer so long as it can print to envelope comm #10 sized cardstock. Any other suggestions much appreciated!
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I researched mobile printers about 2 years ago and the i80 and i90 were the only things that seemed to be of that size.
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I can't vouch for this equipment, but your question reminded me of a catalog I got yesterday pushing this "ID card printer". There seems to be lots of card printers [google] to choose from; maybe there's something that would fit your needs. I expect these would be better-made and more reliable than the Canons.
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