How to digest onions and garlic?
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Is there any product available that one can take to pre-empt digestive problems from raw onions (all kinds) and garlic? In particular, the problem manifests itself as a nasty taste in the mouth an hour after consumption of said veg. (Cooking, however, the longer the better, neutralizes this effect.)
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Over-the-counter product called "Beano" lists garlic and onions on its label as helping to digest.
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Raw parsley can help get the taste of onions and garlic out of your mouth. Just eat some after you've eaten the onions and garlic. Make sure to chew it well.
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Beano simply alleviates intestinal gas, doesn't it?
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Why not stop eating them?
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Too many recipes I'm interested in trying call for them, not all of which can be rejiggered by simply omitting them or cooking the unpleasantness out of the raw product. Besides, there is a specific quality that these vegetables possess in their natural state which I'd like to be able to enjoy.
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You don't really eat raw garlic, do you? Sounds awful.

As for onions: green onions (the long grass-like ones) and red onions have much milder flavor than other onions.
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Is this (maybe) a manifestation of heartburn? Pop some of those delicious, chalky-fruit antacids before and see if it helps.
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No, it's not heartburn (for which I dutifully take my Prilosecâ„¢). This seems to be some sort of equivalent to the lactose-intolerant eating ice cream and drinking milk. Not reflux but a nasty reaction nonetheless.
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i am in the same situation; it's definitely not heartburn for me. i had not considered slow digestion... my theory was that is an ultra-sensitivity.

when you handle either onions or garlic, does the smell on your hands persist abnormally? seems like it does for me.
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What about breath mints?
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It's just sensitivity. Raw vegetables do that for most everybody. I bet you have a similar problem with carrots. I'd think the better bet would be to try and treat yourself rather than the food. Avoid coffee and acidic food. Get excercise and avoid sitting down all day (can cause hiatl hernia)
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Peanut butter neutralizes the taste of garlic in one's mouth. Lemon can neutralize the odor on hands.

Croutonsupafreak, raw garlic rules.
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Hunh, I have a similar problem and I, too, had never considered that it's digestive in nature. I eat a lot of raw fruit and veg, so figured my stomach is used to dealing with such items.... but I will be tasting garlic in the back of my throat for one or two days after eating it in a meal. ICK! It's a big pain when dining out! Multiple tooth-brushings, tongue-brushings, gum-brushings, soft-palate-brushings, mints, gums, coffee or other strong flavors don't do any good. Nor does parsley, unless maybe I try chewing it cow-like, all day long.
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