What paint should I use on mini-golf balls?
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I want to paint designs on some mini-golf balls and have the paint not affect their usability. What paint should I use?

I'm not planning on painting the whole thing, I just want to paint like a stripes on them or something like that. What paint should I use so that 1) it doesn't look too much like I went and painted the golf balls, 2) it doesn't make the golf balls roll all weird, and 3) the paint actually stays on the golf ball. Color variety would be nice but isn't really important.
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Have you considered permanent markers (like a sharpie)? It's about the the thinnest media I can think of, and it would be about the easiest to apply (and re-apply).
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since the exterior of golf balls is plastic, I'd suggest getting some of that spray paint designed for painting plastic patio furniture. It bonds itself to the plastic and adheres pretty well. I've had good success with it.
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ive used http://www.krink.com/ on gold balls before.
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Have you considered just going out and buying promotional golf balls and designing a few "logos" to put on them? If you buy the super cheap balls, you can get them for about $1.50 apiece, and you'll never need to repaint them.
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I feel like any "paint" you apply will eventually scrape off from being hit by the golf clubs. Ditto promotional "logos"
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radioamy, the whole reason companies invest in these promotional golf balls is that the logo won't be scraped off from the clubs. Many promotional companies even guarantee that much. My firm has had golf balls for the last few years and the attorneys have used them dozens of times to no ill effect (aside from losing them in the hazards!).
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