Help me buy a corny gift.
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A corny gift: A friend of mine works with corn. She loves it too. Some could say she sleeps, eats and breathes corn. I want to find her a corn related gift for her birthday.

Possibly a gag gift, but not necessarily. Not a food gift unless it is something really unique. I'm at a loss. I googled it, and found a lot of corn food products, some interesting corn cob holders, but nothing really interesting. If it helps, she's a plant geneticist, and does a lot with corn crosses. She loves what she does, and I've seen her eat more corn in one sitting than I could in a week (okay, perhaps not entirely true, but you get my point).
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I'm always a fan of Giant Corn
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The Asian grocery store near me has Korean sweet corn flavoured ice cream bars. They're really good! As someone who grew up in Indiana and thought she'd eaten her fair share of corn, this was a welcome novelty to me. (Your profile doesn't list a location so I have no idea whether this suggestion is practical.)
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There corn-related shirts and bumper stickers at Cafe Press, and some vintage corn dishes and implements on eBay. Or a selection of flavored gourmet popcorn?
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Definitely scour eBay...I found this wind up corn dude, but you'd have to bid quick to get it.
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Alternately, what about some interesting/funky corn cob holder thingies? You know what I mean. Those pronged doohickeys that you stick into a hot ear of corn so you don't burn your fingers while you eat it.
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You could always take her on road trip to Corn, Oklahoma?
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Thirding ebay. I thought this poster, for example, was pretty great.
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It was a long time ago, but one time in a liquor store I saw some corn liquor sold in a wide-mouthed mason jar. I ended up buying one for a guy as a gag-gift.

I did some googling and found this review of a contemporary product. It's 100 proof and they proudly proclaim that it is "aged less than 30 days".

It's sold by these guys, but I don't know if they do (or are even legally permitted to) sell interstate to end customers.
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The classic DeKalb Ag Industries Flying Corn Cap, of course! (link to eBay)
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Maybe something to do with the legendary Mitchell Corn Palace in South Dakota? It's practically a temple in adoration of corn. Don't know if they have a gift shop on-line, or probably postcard sets, or a book of its history. It's been around for 100 years, and I can't seem to drive through South Dakota without it pulling me in. The building is brick or concrete, but every year after the harvest the local folks put up huge new murals on the outside walls that are totally made of corn of different colors. There's a good picture here, too.
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How about some "corn smut" (a disease of corn), other wise known as the delicious huitlacoche.
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Little Kings Cream Ale
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How about a game of Cornhole?
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I'd probably get her some corn removers.
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From Des Moines Vintage

A couple of years ago, my boyfriend bought me a T-shirt at the Des Moines airport that says "Iowa Detasseling Crew" -- and they were still available there in July -- but I can't find it online.
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A bit of Googling reveals several entertaining candidates, including a corn-on-the-cob platter, corn-on-the-cob salt and pepper shakers, and a corn-on-the-cob rolling plate (whatever that is).

You may also enjoy this corn-on-the-cob golf club, although it's rather pricy.

Personally, I think the winner is the corn-on-the-cob soap.
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I second the Cornhole gift.
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Maybe a broom from Arcola, Illinois, the "Broom Corn Capital of the World."
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A copy of Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma. Pretty much makes corn into a scary slasher pic villain.
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If you are a crafty type you could make her a corn pillow.
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ebay offers a Mammy Yokum* doll ...
*Mammy bio here
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I third Cornhole. It's similar to horseshoes, but if someone gets hit in the head with a corn-filled bag, nobody dies.
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Corn clothing
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I found corn cob jelly at the Amana Colonies
in Iowa.
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How about a corn husk doll? They are easy to make.
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What about something made from compressed cornstarch, like biodegradable utensils or pens? As a science-y person, I think those are really cool.
Ooh, a quick google of "biodegradable cornstarch" turned up bags and packing peanuts too.
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Take her to a Maize maze near you.
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How about a Corn cob pipe?
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How about an "I am Cornholio" poster?
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I'm sure that I've seen a corn-on-the-cob sex toy online once upon a time... but I'm not going to search for it whilst I'm at work :) Uh... probably depends very stongly on the strength and familiarity of your relationship with her, too.
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Corn yarn, if she knits or crochets (or if you do make something with it).
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Get her a corn plant. They're wonderful, low-maintenance plants that are great for the office or home. Their leaves just beg to be touched (if you're a tactile person, which I am) and the color livens up any space. In addition, the stocky trunks make for interesting visual appeal. I picked up one (with two stalks) at Home Depot for $12 -- and it's large enough to be a floor plant.
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