PPC Script Recommendations?
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Techfilter: I've been asked by a local organization to set up a Pay Per Click directory as an extension to their website. Advice/recommendations?

There seem to be dozens of scripts out there; I've not seen any that have any outstanding reviews - what I've found so far seem to have mixed reviews. What's the best commercial package? Are there any open source communities building decent PPC engines? Naturally I've been given a fairly limited budget (this is a volunteer organization and the PPC is meant to be a fundraiser of sorts), but I'm willing to look at all options. The ability to take PPC feeds from other engines to fill up the directory until such time as we get more local advertising is important however.
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it's going to be important to know what scripting languages are and are not available to you. Are you running PHP? ASP? Perl? Coldfusion?
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Response by poster: Currently the site is running on a LInux based server and I have PHP 4.3.1 available, as well as MySQL. That's not a huge issue though as I can move or upgrade the site hosting.
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