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After spending a week and a half in Rio, I´m interested in taking Brazilian Portuguese classes in DC this fall, and wondering which of the area´s language classes would be best. Most of the area´s universities GW, SAIS at Johns Hopkins, etcetera) offer Brazilian Portuguese classes, as does the Brazilian American Cultural Institute. Any suggestions for the best (and affordable) courses? (I also am conversationally fluent in Spanish). (Also, ideas for locating native speakers to practice with in the area are also appreciated)
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I can't speak for quality at all, but when I lived in DC I was always fascinated by the fact that the USDA offers a truckload of training courses for reasonable rates. Looks like Brazilian Portuguese is on the menu.
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As another Spanish speaker who started Portuguese later: have you looked into classes that are specifically Portuguese for Spanish Speakers? Some universities offer them, and it can be a huge benefit in helping correct your Portunhol-ish tendencies and get you learning Portuguese faster.

There are lots of language exchange requests posted to the activities section in Craigslist here in Boston. You might also try posting/asking around at community ESL classes. But it all depends on how many Brazilians are in DC, of course...
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Response by poster: whatzit: I believe there are a lot more Brazilians in MA and RI than in DC. But im sure i could still find someone.

gnomeoaf: i totally forgot about the USDA Graduate School. thanks for reminding me.

I have looked into Port. for Span speaker classes, actually. I was also just interested in what people thought of the quality of various Brazilian Port. classes in the DC area...there´s just so MANY.
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there definitely are more here in MA! I'll ask my former teacher if she has any recommendations - she's carioca, and used to teach in DC for the State Department.
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