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Help with a TV show from the 50s/early 60s. I remember watching a show on Saturdays involving elephants and probably situated in Africa. The lead actor was named Andy somethin'. I realize this is a sparse description, but by any chance does anyone remember the name of the show (i think it was a series)...was definitely in the 50s or very early 1960s. Also, and separately, there was a show on involving the french foreign legion (was that a series too?)...any help with identifying (and locating?) these would be utterly fantastic!
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Pretty sure it was Andy Devine. I don't recall the circumstances but at some moment in the show Mr. Devine would announce "Plunk your magic twanger Froggy" and the show changed directions.
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Daktari was the first one I thought of as well, though it certainly wasn't early 60s. I loved that show, and even remember seeing "Clarence The Cross-Eyed Lion" at the drive-in before the TV show came out.
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Try this one, Buster Brown
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