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Recommended resources for learning Hebrew not-from-scratch?

I know basic Hebrew. I went to Hebrew school growing up, had my bat-mitzvah at a conservative shul, went to a Jewish summer camp. I know how to read the language but my comprehension is minimal. I can make/understand simple statements in present tense, that's about it.

After all these years of not really caring, I'd actually like to learn the language. Modern Hebrew, that is, not biblical. However, because I'm not really at a particular level (that is, I'm beyond the basics, but a second level class would kill me), I think that books/multimedia are the way to go. Any suggestions on (relatively cheap) books or computer programs I should pick up?
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Try Hayesod, by Luba Uveeler. I used it in high school, coming from a background where I could read Hebrew and was familiar with basic terms from Biblical studies.
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When I was in college, we used a series of textbooks published by Tel Aviv University that taught basic conversational Hebrew (they seemed to assume a basic knowledge of the alef bet, but not much else). The first volume is here, although mine didn't come with the audio tape and I can't judge how helpful it is.

The book has little exercises you can do, which force you to practice using the vocabulary, and which I always found to be pretty helpful.
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What really helped for me was getting a private tutor. You can probably find an inexpensive one through your local JCC or community college. It really helps to meet with someone who's fluent once a week and to do some speaking/vocab practice and things.
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Visit Israel :)
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