Can we get to a D.C. beach without a car?
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Is there a MetroRail/Bus/MARC accessible BEACH near Washington, D.C.?

I'm in Washington, DC and my friends and I want to go to a beach tomorrow (Saturday), but none of us have cars. Are there any beaches in the area that are accessible by DC public transportation? Any other suggestions for how we can manage to get some sand and sun before we all have to go back to work on Monday?
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MARC doesn't run on Saturday, so that's out.
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Sandy Point State Park is the closest 'beach' to D.C.- but I don't think you'll be able to find any public transportation to get you there on the weekend (or during the week for that matter).
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Ocean City, MD does have bus terminals. I know Greyhound has routes there, but I can't vouch for other companies. You'll get dropped off in South Ocean City, and can take the public bus anywhere in town. The public bus has an all-day fare where you can ride all day for $2 (you'll get a paper voucher that is valid all day). I haven't used the bus to get to the shore before, but I can't imagine that the fares would be too unreasonable. From DC, it would be under a 3 hour drive.

If you need ideas on where to stay, where to go, etc., just send me an e-mail (in profile). I live in Ocean City for the summer and can give you some good suggestions.
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Another option would be to get a Flexcar for the day. Then you could visit any one of the regions fine beaches.
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No sand, but a shore of sorts is available along the Potomac River at Haines Point. And there's the grassy slope leading down to Rock Creek people call "P Street Beach" which you'll reach walking west a little from Dupont Circle, along either P or Q -- it's a sunbathing location.
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amtrak may take you to virginia beach, I am not sure. of course it might be hard to get around without a car.
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Try Zip Car or Flex Car or similar car sharing service.
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Probing around the Amtrak site shows a train running from between Boston and Newport News, which stops at DC's Union Station (a journey scheduled to take 4hrs, 20 min). And they also have an Amtrak bus which runs between Newport News and Virginia Beach, which takes another hour and 25 minutes. Given a car and no traffic, driving time would be 4 hours.

But be advised, like Ocean City, MD; Virginia Beach is a commercialized seashore, and the latter has the added "bonus" of sailors on leave, cruising Atlantic Ave.
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