Assigning Drive Letters
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Is there a way to get Windows XP to always assign the same drive letter to a particular removable device?

Specifically, I have a thumb drive, and an MP3 player that's also a drive. I would like each of these devices to always get assigned the same drive letter, for example D: for the MP3 player and E: for the thumb drive.

If I plug in the thumb drive by itself I don't want it to be D, I want it to be E. Is there any way to do this?
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Adminstrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Drive Managent -> Right Click, Change Drive Letter. Whatever letter you pick should remain the same everytime you plug the device in. YMMV
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What blue_beetle said, except I think it's "Disk" management. At least on my computer.
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Also be aware that these settings only apply to the computer you make them on. As far as I know, there's no way to make a particular thumb drive consistently assign itself the same drive letter regardless of which computer it's plugged into. See this previous question for more.
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Thanks blue_beetle. Searched google everywhere to find a solution to my (similar) problem. Bought a 400gb SATA internal harddrive and a SATA-to-USB external enclosure. My computer with XP would recognize that a USB mass-storage device was connected but the drive wouldn't show up in My Computer. The computer wouldn't assign a drive letter. Google gave me lots of incorrect answers, from registry editing, to disabling a bunch of different services in safe mode, to sending the drive back because it doesn't work. Your solution worked and let me initialize the drive and format it.
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