iPhoto keywords via folder names?
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In iPhoto 6, is there a way to add kewords to images based on the folders in which they're located?

Now that iPhoto finally has the ability to display my photos without making duplicate versions in its own folder structure, I'd like to really get my 10k+ images organized. Right now, they're in folders that are labeled by broad subject (Work, Vacation, Cats and so on) and sub-folders that are labeled either by sub-topic or date. I've already imported them all into iPhoto, now I'd like each to have a keyword taken from the folder and subfolder it lives in. Possible?
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Well, I don't immediately know of an automagic way to do this, but if you don't have 16,000 folders, here's a way to just get it done: go into each folder and select all the images. Right-click one and hit "Batch change" or "Batch rename" or something (I can't remember, I'm at work). One of the options will be "Notes," and there will be an option to "add to existing notes." Of course, you probably already knew that and I'm wasting everyone's time. But maybe not.
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I don't think I have the solution to your specific problem.

But if you're planning on adding keywords to a lot of photos I highly recommend this program. I wouldn't be able to manage photos in iPhoto without it.
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Response by poster: einarorn, that looks very promising - thanks!!

cebailey, the folders are in the Finder; is this batch change in the Finder? Or in iPhoto? Because I don't think I can see my Finder folder structure in iPhoto...or can I?
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Many thanks einarorn! I'll be adding that to the ol' iPhoto tomorrow.
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It's possible to add all the photos to iPhoto and then use Automator to find photos by path and build albums with the result. However you'd have run the workflow once for each keyword and apply the keywords to the albums manually.

It would be easier if you could access raw Spotlight searches in iPhoto's smart folders.
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