Female Asian quick change artist...?
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Quick change artist identification...

Of course, this is inspired by the America's Got Talent post below.

A while ago, there was a quick change artist working on an asian theme. She wore kimono-like garments, noh-ish masks, and I remember one point when she would toss cards from her sleeves... These cards would go incredibly high and would land in the audience.

I remember hearing that she had gotten an award for her act. I didn't see her in person, but on TV. I don't know any more details.

Any idea who she could be? And even better... where I can see her act online?
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Best answer: Are you really, positively certain that this was a woman?

The reason I ask is that to me, quick change with an asian theme, noh masks and sailing cards into the audience all bring to mind Jeff McBride. Perhaps she was an assistant or a student of his?

You can see a small video with a performance on YouTube but there is no card sailing there. He was famous for throwing cards even up to the balconies, and that after rebounding them off the floor. I hope it's either him or someone he was close to, otherwise it seems pretty much like outright theft of his style/routine.
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Response by poster: Thanks, splice! Even though I could've sworn it was a woman, and that kimono-like clothing played a bigger role, Jeff McBride seems to it. Unfortunately, his act isn't as good as I remember it. But, then again, things rarely all.
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To be fair, the quick thing on that Criss Angel show I linked above isn't a particularly shining example of his work. It's good, but I have some things from his instructional card magic videos that are just stunning.

I think he might also have been a bigger/better performer in the 90s. When I hear about him now it's mostly in connection with workshops he's giving, lectures and all that good stuff. Maybe he's more into teaching nowadays.
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