I need some music suggestions from the dance/rave/whatever areas...
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I need some music suggestions from the dance/rave/whatever areas... [more inside]

Right, I know nothing about music, but I know that some tracks I adore and some I hate. Someone recently pointed out that all the tracks that make me grin have a piano in them, and that the ones that really make me grin have a Jazz Piano in them and a female singer.

This makes sense, because that sums up the classic definition of Happy Harcore and also describes my favourite track of the moment, Groove Armada's "If everybody looked the same".

Thing is, I have no idea how the hell to find more dance music with jazz piano in it. Any suggestions?
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Hmm.... the 2003 edit of Underworld's Born Slippy replaces the organ with a piano.... but that might not be quite it.
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I am a big fan of jazzy hip-hop/electronic. On the electronic side one of my favorites, ok my favorite album has to be Kruder and Dorfmeister: Sessions.

I never hear anyone talk about it and I think it's really good. The only time I found anyone else who knew Kruder and Dorfmeister was when I logged onto a Wolfenstein server oh so long ago as "Kruder" and someone logged in as Dorfmeister. Anyway if you want to sample their work off Kazaa I suggest downloading the track "Gotta Jazz - Count Basic" first. Then go onto "Trans Fatty Acid (K And D Session) - Lamb" as the reviews I have read state that's the best, but it's slow and out of context if taken as a single in my opinion.

Now if really want that torch song kind of feel I would go Alpha - Come From Here and at least download the best song, Somewherenothere. I think that may be exactly what you're looking for.

Winter Chill, Vol 3 is another one I'll put on instead of Bill Evans. More electronic, less jazz -- chill out.

Zero 7 - Simple Things is a great one but has, as I recall, a great slow jazz feel to it. Download "In the Waiting Line" for the solo female singer.

I apologize for I am not at my CD collection or I'd go on forever, this is just from my memory as what pops out. I'm not a big fan of electronic/rave music but a big fan of aforementioned music. My only critique of the above music is Alpha's, which repeats basically the same melody throughout the album to different singers. Not really that big of a gripe if you listen to it as an album and not as a "30 second then song skip" kind of mixtape thing.

Definitely not get up and dance music but great for driving alone or with drunk run-down friends through the city on those really hot (or really cold winter nights). They really match the slow atmosphere at 3am.
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Try Basement Jaxx - they have a song called "Do Your Thing" which is very jazz-inspired. Their album 'Rooty' is brilliant, has lots of female vocalists on and you might well enjoy it.

But on the mellower electronica end of things, Moby has done well by blending jazz/spiritual music and piano lines.
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the Ninja Tune label is and has been a solid source for jazz-inspired hip hop grooves, both vocal and instrumental. some standout artists off the top of my head: Funki Porcini, 9Lazy9, the Herbaliser, DJ Food, DJ Vadim, Up Bustle and Out, Kid Koala, Wagon Christ, Mr. Scruff and many more...

i wouldn't call it rave, but it's wonderful music...
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Just a second vote for Kruder & Dorfmeister (although - thank God - they don't sound too much like happy hardcore).

Check their DJ Kicks set, or pretty much anything else at all that they have done.

They have also recorded as Tosca, with a spacier, dubbier feel - Suzuki in Dub is well worth checking. One for the heads, as they say.
You could also try registering and asking the same question at UK-Dance, where you can expect some absolute top-drawer, expert feedback (and possibly one or two of the same people as at Metafilter...)
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If you really want music that'll shake some ass, get some Gold Chains, !!!, and Jr. Sr.
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Though it's tongue in cheek I suggest you try this guide to find what specific genre you have in mind. My guess would be Trance, around the Epic or Anthem areas.
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Try listening to monkey radio. They play mostly the ninja tune type stuff that erebora mentions above. As well Groove Armada, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Fila Brazilia, Peace Orchestra, Esthero etc.
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elysian fields. plus their jazzy female vocalist is a total biscuit.

here is a sample mp3 (not one of the best songs IMO) and some reviews
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Check out Ubiquity Records. They put out mostly Nu-Jazz. Stateless jumped to my mind when you listed your likes.
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Herbert - Bodily Functions
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some promising suggestions. thanks guys... ;)
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i like cinematic orchestra. not so much piano there but jazzy and occasional female vocals.
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Check out the Ministry of Sound albums with Pete Tong and Judge Jules. It's some old shit (1996), but it might hit the spot.
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Another vote for Zero 7 - that album is amazing. Try the "St. Germain du Pres Cafe" series, there are 4 or so, or "Verve Remixed" for new takes on jazz standards.
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