Changing a lightbulb in a swimming pool?
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Anybody know how to change the lightbulb in a swimming pool? [more inside]

Google got me as far as understanding that I'm supposed to be able to pull the whole mechanism out of the water, but I'm not sure which bits are supposed to come out and which are supposed to stay where they are, and I'm a bit concerned about the whole death-by-underwater-electrocution thing.

Can anyone who's done it before give me a step by step? The life you save could be mine.
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I don't have a swimming pool. But I must admit, I'm pretty darned curious about this now... good question and good luck. If no one here can help you, I'd call a pool supply place.
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Googling got me here.
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Not completely sure if you can be electrocuted doing this if the light is "on". Notice the pool guy flipping off all the breakers before changing out the bulb though.
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Your question, get in the pool and look for directions on the light housing. The housing on mine pulls/pops out/in after unscrewing a screw.
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stonerose, that's perfect; thank you!
posted by ook at 7:53 AM on January 6, 2004

ook, if it all goes horribly wrong, have your heirs post an update here so we can go after the author of those instructions. we look after each other here. old skool. ;-)
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My parents have a pool. I seem to remember that draining the pool down to the level of the light was involved. If stonerose's googling effort doesn't solve your problem, tell me and I'll call my dad.

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