Looking for a good pediatrician in Baltimore!
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Looking for a good pediatrician in Baltimore!

Posting for a friend:

"I recently moved to Baltimore and am trying to find a pediatrician who is not incredibly rigid about the immunization schedule. My daughter is behind on her immunizations (my choice) and is slowly catching up. If anyone could suggest someone, I would really appreciate it."
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I've been really happy with the doctors I've seen at Chase Brexton in Mount Vernon, but I can't speak specifically to pediatrics there. I also can't speak specifically to immunization schedules, but both doctors I've seen have been very good at working with me and listening to any concerns. Friends who've seen other doctors there have been happy as well.
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Perhaps you could email the new health commissioner of Baltimore? He is actually a pediatrician himself, and I'm certain he could point you in the right direction.

Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, Commissioner
joshua.sharfstein [AT] baltimorecity [DOT] gov

Also... Baltimore Health Department Web site is here.
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I used to go to Dr. Finkelstein at Andorsky Cardin & Finkelstein in Owings Mills, but that was at least five years ago and I think she's focusing on research rather than clinical practice now. It's a big practice and I have no idea what the other docs are like.

For more relevent/up-to-date information, I would suggest asking in the Baltimore livejournal communities: Charmcity and Hons.
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Dr. Sidney Seidman
750 Main Street in Reisterstown
(410) 526-3248

He was actually my pediatrician years ago and I believe he is still practicing. The other doctors in the office are also fantastic, although their names escape me. My family has had great experiences with them and I personally recommend them.
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I just asked the medical director at my clinic, who's a Family Practicioner and has two young kids of her own, if she had a rec:

Janis Lacovaro
(410) 337-2022
@ St. Joe's

Comments: "She's a very smart MD/PhD with a great bedside manner. She's been great with the kids. I was unhappy with their Ped for a while, and I'm so glad I switched. She also deals well with me when I freak out about some little twitch the kids have. She's also taking new patients, which is huge. I called around to a lot of practices and got four month waiting times for appts, which is unacceptable to me."
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