420 in Vancouver
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Myself and my girl are taking a trip from Seattle to Vancouver later this month. Help me find a proper hash bar.

I was thinking maybe we'd take the train to avoid the chore of trying to drive across the border. We'll be there sometime in the end of August or the beginning of September. I'm new to the Seattle area and have never been to Canada, so any additional information about crossing into Canada & back would also be appreciated (we're both US citizens w/ out of state driver's licenses). We're a straight white couple between 25 - 30 (If that matters, I don't know).
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Ummm - okay - I'll take a stab at this one.

You realize that the decriminalization of marijuana did NOT happen in Canada, right. The Liberal government that proposed it was defeated in an election quite a while ago. There are no "proper" hash bars.

As for crossing the border, driving or taking the train will really not be all that different as far as passing through Customs and Immigration.

If you will be looking to buy drugs, wandering around in the Downtown Eastside will likely result in offers to sell them to you - I can't vouch for the quality or reliability of this method, perhaps others will direct you to a more "proper" source of currently illegal product.

Have fun in Vancouver. If you and your girl will be in town on the 15th, we're having a meet-up. I doubt anyone will be selling drugs there, though...
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The New Amsterdam Bar on Hastings Street. As weed isn't actually legal, you can't buy it here, but folks will either share or point you in the right direction. Remember that you will be spending a little more per gram than you're used to (due to the currency conversion). $12 Cdn will get you a gram of great BC bud.
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On the corner outside the New Amsterdam Bar that meerkatty mentions, I was approached by a dealer.

We went to Blunt Bros, which was next door but has since burned down AFAIK, and it was smoke friendly after 6 pm. We shared a table with an American and a Japanese tourist we met there. Quite the interesting evening.
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Amsterdam Cafe is a good bet. You could also walk along granville until you spot a head shop. While none (?) of them actually sell weed, lots of them have little areas in the back for smoking. I'm guessing that announcing yourself as noobs will yield offers. I've never actually tried that, but vancouverites are all pretty friendly...
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Check out a friendly forum
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Not pot-related at all, but my girlfriend and I are Seattlites who are in Vancouver on vacation right now. We took Amtrak up today and it was very easy, fun, painless, etc. We are staying at the Pender Lodge hostel (thanks, Mefi, for the suggestion) which is extremely bare-bones, but we have a room for $35/night.
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