Automatically remind me of all appointments?
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OutlookFilter: Remind me of all appointments?

When people send me meetings, most of the time the reminder box is checked, but sometimes it is not. If I don't have a reminder, I will sit at my computer coding and have no idea I am missing a meeting. I see no point in having an appointment with no reminder, so I would like Outlook to remind me 15 minutes before every appointment. Help!
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In Outlook 2003: Tools > Options > Preferences. Under "Calendar," check the "default reminder" box, then set the time for 15 minutes.
posted by Amy Phillips at 8:19 AM on August 10, 2006

My suggestion would be somewhat complex, but might help you: set up a custom view of your calendar that displays only all appointments that don't have a reminder.

View > Current View > Define Custom Views.

New. "Unremindered Appointments," type: Day/Week/Month. Filter button: Advanced. Field > All Appointment Fields > "Reminder" equals "No."

You'd need to set up the fields as you saw fit, but presumably by adding fields for the reminder checkbox and the length of time, you could then occasionally consult this view and add reminders to any appointments that made it through.

As for auto-adding reminders ... that I don't know how to do. I'm not sure Outlook has that capability. If you wanted to, would you be able to install an Outlook plug-in to do so, if one does exist that has that functionality? Or do you not have the rights to do that wherever you're using Outlook?
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I don't think Amy's solution works for inbound appointments generated by someone else -- just for appointments you yourself generate.
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Amy's solution will not work for inbound appointments. I have the same issue.

I'm afraid my solution is to check your calendar, and all incoming appointments, and set a reminder manually if required. Once you get in the habit it's fairly automatic..

But yes, Outlook should give you this option.
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You could add in a blank meeting for yourself with a reminder whenever you get a meeting request. So if you have a meeting at 10, set up a meeting for yourself at 10 and set the reminder. It's labor intensive, though.
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Sorry, I guess everyone who sends me meeting requests has the same options I do, because I had no idea that it wasn't my computer putting those reminders in place.

In that case, what I would do is change the way I respond to meeting requests. Instead of hitting "Accept," hit "Calendar," which will open your calendar to the day of the event and display the event. Then you can click on the event to set a reminder for yourself before hitting "Accept" at the top of the page. It's one extra step, but if you get yourself in the habit of doing it, it shouldn't be too much more arduous.
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