What kinds of non-profits focus on smart development?
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I'm looking to volunteer for a non-profit that focuses on reducing poverty through smart, bottom-up solutions - e.g., microfinance or economic policy reform would be attractive. Any recommendations? Bonus points if I can get involved locally here in Los Angeles.

I have done some research about microfinance institutions; I'm primarily interested in ideas for other types of non-profits that share a similar philosophy. (I'll hazard that philosophy as: capitalism is capable of serving the poor much better than as currently practiced.)

Something that makes use of my skills as a management consultant would be ideal.

I realize this is a bit vague; I'm looking for creative ideas rather than specific ones. Thanks!
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Best answer: Operation HOPE. Based in LA they focus on building wealth in low-income racially diverse communities through student education, home ownership assistance and education, and also have a economic disaster coalition.
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Best answer: Trickle Up
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Honor The Earth
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Honor The Earth

(I'm doing something wrong--it's www.honorearth.org)
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