Specific to-do list needs.
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I am looking for any online task list/calendar that meets the following criteria: 1)sync with Palm/using WinXP; 2)supports categories; 3)supports recurrence; 4)(preferably) has some way to be integrated into my Wordpress website. (Robust goal management would be a plus). I have tried Yahoo, but it does not support recurrent tasks and I find the auto-add of Y! Messenger contacts to be intrusive and annoying.
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Tasks Pro is pretty close. It doesn't do a full Palm sync, but rather gives you access via a web browswer. As such, it might work if you are using a Treo, etc. It meets your other criteria.
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Have you tried Google Calendar? I'm not sure it supports all those features, especially sync with Palm (although if not you can probably implement some iCal import/export hack with it), but it's worth a look.
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Google Calendar doesn't yet have a sync to my knowledge (which is a shame, because I really like it.)
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Airset is a web-based PIM that syncs with Palm (and Outlook, btw). Worked very well when I was using it. You can see a review from WSJ that explains the pros and cons pretty well (public page, no subscription req'd).
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You might check out
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You can subscribe to 30Boxes with Outlook, then sync to your palm (instructions here)

30Boxes supports tags, which are like (but better than) categories.

30Boxes supports weekly/biweekly/monthly recurrances

30Boxes has a Wordpress Widget

Then there's also the fact that 30Boxes is REALLY FREAKING AWESOME, is a social-calendar, which makes it easy to see what your friends/family are doing, AND it has a todo list (not rigorous, but still.. it's a todo list and they "have big plans" for it)

if you haven't noticed, I (heart) 30Boxes
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Yeah, but what do you do in the other months?
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Response by poster: Looks like Airset is possibly the closest to what I'm looking for... possibly 30boxes. I actually don't use Outlook, but, rather, Palm Desktop..... thanks for the advice!
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Response by poster: Now if I could just figure out where Airset hides the tasks and categories for those! LOL....any help would be muchly appreciated!
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