Help me name my beagleman
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I just adopted a puppy who looks like a Dobeagle or Beagleman - a doberman beagle mixture. She has the body of a beagle with the exact coloring of a doberman. She is so calm and sweet.

I have two directions for the name:

1. Beagleman - This sounds like a Jewish last name so I thought it would be cute to give her a Jewish name like Ada Beagleman or Esther Beagleman. I seem to be partial to names that start with Ad- or have a Z in them.

2. We were talking about her being part doberman and one of us referred to her as 'a dobie' like Adobe. I thought that as a puppy she could be an Adobe Acrobat. This seems a bit too commercial but I think it's really cute.

So now I open the floor to you. What do you think?
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Adobe Acrobeagle?
posted by SpecialK at 5:59 PM on August 8, 2006

I think that a photo would help immensely.
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I'm partial to human names for pets (I don't know why, but a "Hubert" has more personality than a "Fluffball"), so I particularly like Ada and Esther.

Agreed, though: we need pictures!
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Why not Adobe Beagleman?
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Hezbollah Beagleman
posted by matkline at 6:29 PM on August 8, 2006

Adobe Gullman.
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Dobies always make me think of Zelda.
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How about Ruby Beagleman? Or Bathsheba Beagleman?
AdobieGillis? (Like Dobie Gillis but with Adobe... eh nevermind.) How about just Mrs. Beagleman? Then you can shout things like "Stop chasing those squirrels/digging that flowerbed/pooping on the lawn, Mrs Beagleman!"
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Beagleman. Knish Beagleman.


Farty McBumBum. Someone's gonna name their dog this eventually if I bring it up enough...
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Photoshop Beagle McZedstein
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I can't comment intelligently without first examining the evidence relating to the question being raised.

Dog pic! Dog pic!

Bagel. I'd call the dog Bagel.
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How about Eva or Zsa Zsa?
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Ada or Esther Beagleman is wonderful. Mrs. Beagleman is freakin' awesome.

But yeah. Cough up a puppy picture, or we really are gonna make you name her Photoshop Beagle McZedstein.

AskMeFi: 'Stop pooping on the lawn, Mrs. Beagleman!'
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Here's a photo of the new pup, posting for the OP:

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shes adorable.. and really looks like an Ada Beagleman to me.

i second giving pets human names.
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I like Zelda Beagleman or Ada Beagleman
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Why not just call her "Dobie"? She could totally be a Dobie. Little Miss Dobie Beagleman.

She's very cute, congrats!
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Thanks for your help! I think we are down to two options:

Mrs. Ruby Beagleman
Mrs. Adah Beagleman

What do you think?
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I'm all for Ruby, but you knew that.
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If you go with Adah, I'd suggest doing Ada instead.
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Another vote for (Mrs.) Ada (Beagleman), if only because the repeated "B" sound in "Ruby Beagleman" sounds a little...awkward. To me, anyway.
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