Need "going-back-to-basics" success stories
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I'm looking for real-life examples of coaches, business people, athletes or teams who experienced great success when they went back to the basics/fundamentals.

Links to articles or stories would be great. Thank you.
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What does "back to the basics/fundamentals" mean?
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The Miracle on Ice.
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Response by poster: Solid example quadog!
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Here's a description of the founding of "Top Gun". Some in the Navy had criticized a growing reliance on missiles as opposed to crew skill. Thus the Top Gun program could be considered a return to basics.
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Not sure if this qualifies, but UCLA basketball under John Wooden was all about fundamentals. Wooden's pyramid of success. or here another "official" site.
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Don't we all scream (a little inside, anyway) for Ben & Jerry's?
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The 1990 Cincinnati Reds lead wire to wire and swept the favored A's in the World Series with pitching and speed on the bases
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Never has there been a better example of "stick to the fundamentals," than UCLA Bruin basketball under John Wooden. JohnnyGunn's links will get you started. Wooden has written books, with this very thing as the theme, and books have been written about the Wooden years at UCLA. Classic stuff, whether sports, business or life in general. He is quite a man.
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The Britten motocycle - John Britten built a racing bike from scratch, designed from first principles, taking bike design in directions it hadn't gone before. The bike gained an impressive list of world records. He died of cancer a few years ago, but here's the website of the company.
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Response by poster: Excellent examples everyone. I'll be sure to follow up on all the suggestions!
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Bruce Lee kind of got back to "prefundamentals."
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Oh, and I bet the new USA team under Coach K will qualify.
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2004, 2005 Detroit Pistons.
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