force fins vs. force fins
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Are Force Fin-brand "slim fins" just as good for recreational SCUBA diving and snorkeling as the standard "original/dive" model? I like all the adjustable options of the slim fin, but I am wondering why every vendor - not just the examples on Amazon - show the more customizeably and sturdier looking slim fin as being $10-$20 less expensive than the original/dive model.

If anyone else has other suggestions, please do post. I got my certification with this type of fin and always liked how comfortable they were and how easy they made beach entry and exits, and how easy they were to pack. Force Fins are expensive but it looks like I can get a pair for $50 or so on ebay, if I buy used. Also, I notice that many on that site are labeled as for fishing, but look like the normal dive model (??).
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here's another listing for the adjustable ("slim") model suggesting it is a technical diving fin, not just a training swim fin. i'm not sure why some models are marketed one way and others differently, when they all look identical to me.
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