Help (safely) Humiliate the Bride!
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Bachelorette Party Filter: All the events for the day and evening are planned, but I've been put in charge of games, stupid hats, embarrassing tasks, etc.

The games and entertainment parts will take place at a lunch picnic (just us 6 girls) and then later at a bar after dinner. I was thinking at the picnic we could have some "How well do you know the bride" type game, but I don't really know how to run it or what the format for that would be.

For the bar part, things can get crazier, drinking games, phone number contests etc.

Our group of friends is very close and open-minded, so suggestions can get pretty wild and embarrassing. Dares, challenges, contests, games, whatever.

no strippers, no touching the bride inappropriately, nothing illegal, and props or favors shouldn't exceed $100

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You definitely need a little white veil for the bride. I got one for my best friend at a thrift store for a few bucks.
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Everybody makes penises out of playdoh. You can give away cheesy prizes for the most realistic if you want, but the game alone is amusing anyway.
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Best answer: Here's what my maid of honour cooked up for me a few years ago, which you might want to try out for part two of the evening.

I was given a Mission Sheet with 15 tasks (list below) of which I had to choose 10 to complete. Two of these, however, were chosen by my friends. For each mission I failed, there was an alcoholic forfeit and I had to reveal a secret from my past.

1. Kiss as many people as possible within 1 minute.
2. Ask a policeman if his head goes all the way to the top of his helmet [would probably only work in the UK, but I'm sure you could substitute a similar cheeky question to authority figure].
3. Get a male stranger to sign a part of the body normally hidden by clothing.
4. Steal something impressive at some point during the night.
5. Pinch a stranger's bottom and then wink at them.
6. Go to the bar and order drinks in a [insert humerous regional accent here] accent, without laughing.
7. Initiate a break-dancing contest in the club.
8. Hold a 5 minute conversation with a stranger whilst pretending to be a professional wrestler about to be called out for a fight.
9. Collect, within 5 minutes, a necktie, a sock and a pair of men's underpants.
10. Kiss a stranger for at least 15 seconds on the lips.
11. Get a stranger to buy you a drink.
12. Come out of a toilet cublicle, flap your hand about a bit and say "I wouldn't go in there for a while," to someone waiting.
13. Down a drink in one... without throwing up afterwards.
14. Talk for two minutes non-stop on why your marrying [insert name of lucky guy here].
15. Skip down the street singing a nursery rhyme.

Lots of fun for everyone. Surprisingly, complete strangers can be persuaded to to the most bizarre things in the service of Hen Night Missions!

You'll be pleased to know that I managed to complete my ten missions, but I'm not telling which!
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You might find some fun things at Good Vibes
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I second the "mission" thing. Actually, if you can find a really busy gay bar/club, that is the absolute best place to do a bachelorette party. In general, the guys are great sports, totally happy to participate, and yet the bride can feel much more comfortable about some of the raunchier tasks.

We also had guests bring Fredericks of Hollywood style pieces of lingerie for one party. The bride had to wear all of them out that night, and we put them over her normal clothes. She then "stripped" out of them at a bar.
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Along the line of dogsbody - ask X number of men for a condom or pin candy to her shirt and let people get them off with their teeth.
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I've been to a party once before where the bride was made to carry around a life-size inflatable man. By the end of the evening, he had a cigarette taped to his mouth, lipstick kisses all over his face, and a Metro ticket taped to his hand.

I've also been to one where the bride was made to carry around a six-foot inflatable penis. It got bounced around the dance floor at one club, and that made our visit kind of interesting. Certainly lets the place know a bachleorette party is going through.

If you want to be more subtle, you can get the bride a "love ewe." (this was carried around at yet another bachleorette--this group seems to be into inflatables.) It was an inflatable sheep with
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The dirty santa claus is fun..everyone bring a gag gift....start with one person, opens the gift...the next to open their gift can keep the one they have, take the previous person's gift and so on....and so it goes...
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Pin the macho on the man. Like pin the tail on the donkey, only more fun. Lead to lots of "do you ~really~ think that's where that goes?" kinds of teasing.
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Best answer: Wandering around a small Belgian town at night I ran into a rambunctious group of girls huddled around a small fire. I asked them what they were up to and they said they were burning their underwear behind city hall, where the marriage license would be issued tomorrow, and that it was some kind of tradition.
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One horrible and ill-planned evening, my surly friends and I witnessed a raucous caucus of tipsy maidens, competing to see which one could put a flavoured condom on a banana fastest without using her hands.

We soon found another place to be, but the shower girls seemed really to be having a good time.
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I once witnessed something like what dpx.mfx describes. This bachelorette party invaded a bar, and the girl had candy adhered all over her (skimpy) white shirt, which had "suck for a buck" written on it in a sharpie. Guys seemed to be happy to part with a dollar bill to take a piece of candy off the shirt using their mouth. The money went towards buying drinks for the party, and everyone was merry.
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