Parade of Oddities
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I'm looking for examples for odd festivals, parades, and events that fall outside the norm of the usual holiday and gov't sanctioned events, but that happen on a regular basis, primarily annually. One example is the May Day parade in Minneapolis.
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gay pride
see: San Fransisco & Toronto for notable events, though many other cities have smaller versions.
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Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.
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My hometown of Harvard, MA has an Apple Blossom Festival in May.
Scituate, MA has Scituate Heritage Days in early August.
Woods Hole, MA has Illumination Weekend in early June.
Oak Bluffs, MA has the Monster Shark Tournament in late July.
Bourne, MA has the Scallop Fest in late September.
Marshfield, MA has the Marshfield Fair in mid-August.
Figawi is an annual sailing race from Hyannis, MA to Nantucket, MA on Memorial Day weekend (maybe doesn't count because Memorial Day is a holiday).
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Madison used to have an annual Kites on Ice festival, but it was put on hiatus in 2006. It is a family friendly festival with all sorts of kites and kite flying out on one of the Madison lakes.

Whiting Indiana, near Chicago has a Pierogi fest each year. Usually the summer heat isn't conducive to stuffing yourself with hot dumplings, but they are great and authentic.
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Bumbershoot and Folklife Festivals in Seattle.
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Rose Festival in Portland Oregon
Brewers Festival in Portland Oregon
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Texas Rose Festival and Parade (in Tyler every October)
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (every October)
Village Halloween Parade (certainly odd)
SF Day of the Dead parade
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Issaquah Salmon Days!
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Pretty much every town up near where I am has an annual festival. In Bethel Vermont it's the White River Valley Festival (formerly the Forward Festival) in Barre Vermont it's Homecoming Days. Every town has one so there's several hundred in the state. When I was growing up in Boxboro MA we had Fifer's Day which celebrated whoever it was that was the first soldier killed in the Revolutionary War, he was from Boxboro and he was a fifer. What sort of thing are you looking for exactly?
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Columbus has the excellent doo dah parade every 4th of July. (Modeled after one in Pasadena.)
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The Fremont Solstice Parade, in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, kicks off the annual Fremont Fair.

Apparently it was inspired by something similar in Santa Barbara.
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Seattle also has the Annual Fremont Solstice Parade.
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..and great minds think alike.
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For the last two years Manchester has played host to the glorious, dubious Sparkle - as much as the website would have you believe it's more widely inclusive, in reality it's sort of the transvestite Pride, albeit without the parade and about 90% of the hotness.
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Jubilee Day in Mechanicsburg, PA. The largest and longest-running one day street fair in the eastern US.
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I lived in McMinnville, OR as a kid, and Turkey Rama was a big deal each year.
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This seems right up your alley - Bud Billiken parade (Chicago) - Not only annual, but 77th annual!
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You are just in time to toss some tomatoes at La Tomatina.
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Geek Prom
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I've never attended these, but I've heard good things from friends who have:

Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO
The Bologna Festival in Yale, MI
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A little digging on this site should turn up a wealth of such things:
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You've missed the Lowell Folk Festival for this year. It's good every year.

The Robertson Association's Old Timers' Reunion is "is the largest annual reunion of cavers in the world." It's rumored that some people actually go caving while at the reunion. This rumor is usually met with ridicule.
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How about Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day? Folks line up literally around the block at the store near me. Also, as everyone who works on the House side of Capitol Hill knows, PETA's Lettuce Ladies give out free veggie dogs on the third Wednesday in July on the front steps of the Rayburn House Office Building. Seriously.
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Avocado Festival, see ya there!
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Art Car Parade in Houston, TX.
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gay pride

I'll bite, at the risk of a snarky derail: What's odd about that?
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Nothing is more notable to the nose than the Chitlin Strut. The hog calling contest is funny, until you realize how seriously some people take it, and then it's hilarious. An odiferous time is guaranteed for all.
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Twine Ball Days is the second Saturday in August (yes, this Saturday) in Darwin, MN.
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Well, I see you are not close to the Oceana County Michigan annual Asparagus Festival but it is rural Americana with out fiction or pretense. And you have not witnessed a parade until you see children and adults dressed as asparagus--which soon comes to look like giant penises trying to keeping time to a marching band. It is surprisingly sweet and there are some wonderful asparagus delights.
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Septemberfest in Schaumburg, Illinois.
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How Berkeley Can You Be?
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Twins Days in Twinsburg, Ohio - just missed it, it's the first weekend in August each year.
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Elvisfest, Ypsilanti MI. Every July.
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Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville, Delaware.

Punkin Chunkin in Millsboro, Delaware.
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Port Townsend, WA's Kinetic Skulpture Race.
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There are a ton of odd festivals in Japan. One theme type is the Hadaka Matsuri (naked man festivals). A friend of mine went to one where teams of near naked men wrestle to control a baton thrown by a priest. The priest would throw more then one baton, but only one had a special scent(pine or something). I forget what the prize was.
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One stop shopping: eccentric america!
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A couple in Austin, Texas:

(1) Eeyore's Birthday Party, which is billed as a "spring festival," but is mostly just an excuse for hippies to wear costumes, play in drum circles, and smoke wacky tobacky in public.

(2) Spamarama, which celebrates the (in)famous potted meat.
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Hustisford, Wisconsin, (pop. approx. 1,000) holds the annual New Year’s Day Toilet Bowl.

"The newly crowned king and queen ride through the parade on a giant toilet-shaped float and exchange throwing billowing rolls of toilet paper with parade goers. The football game follows in the snow-covered outfield of the Village Ballpark."

(I grew up a block from the parade route.)
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Hawaii residents eat more Spam (the meat, not the inbox stuff) per capita than any other state. Hence, the annual Spam Jam in Waikiki.

Just this past weekend, I learned about Forgiveness Day. Pretty obscure, I guess, but we have had annual events marking it for the past few years.
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No one said Burning Man yet?
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The Nanaimo, BC Bathtub Races
The Oregon Country Fair, just outside of Eugene, Oregon - a shadow of it's former glory days but still unique.
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There's the original Arcata to Ferndale Kinetic Sculpture Race in Northern California.

And Poultry Days in Versailles (pronouced ver-SAILS) Ohio
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Why, just yesterday, I was telling friends about Belgium's totally awesome Cat Festival.
According to legend, in 962 A.D. Baudoin III, the Count of Flanders, ordered the people of Ypres to throw two or three live cats from the tower of his castle. This was an act of renouncing pagan superstitions in which the cat featured largely, often as a symbol of fertility. This centuries old festival was banned in the eighteenth century by Joseph II, and again after the French occupation, but in 1817 it was again observed by having a single citizen, wearing a red jacket, white cap, and ribbons, throw down a live cat from the castle, which often survived the drop. During World War I it was observed by a concert of bells, and in 1938 the festival was reinstated at the current date, with live cats replaced with toy stuffed ones.
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Peoplehood is a puppet parade put on by Spiral Q in West Philly ever year. I've attended a number of times and I always enjoy it.
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Olympia, Washington's Pet Parade.
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gay pride - moi

at the risk of a snarky derail: What's odd about that? - Robert Angelo

I'd actually missed the word 'odd' in the OP, and was focusing on the "outside the norm of the usual holiday and gov't sanctioned events, but that happen ... annually". The first pride event I went to - almost 20 years ago now - was not sanctioned by government. The City had refused to declare Gay Pride day and had denied the parade permit. We marched anyways, but in masks and with bags over our heads. It was a lot more protest-like than the mini carnival I took my daughter to this year.

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The weirdest one I know is "Darkie Day", a festival which happens in Cornwall in the West of England.

And if you're thinking "Darkie? That couldn't be what it sounds like, surely?" you're sadly wrong.
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There's the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. Here in Louisville, there's the Derby Festival, which lasts weeks and includes Thunder Over Louisville, a balloon race, a steamboat race, a bed race, and the Pegasus Parade. These are pretty mainstream, I guess.

Elsewhere in the state there's Court Day, and in Pineville there's the Mountain Laurel Festival. And in Pikeville, they have Hillbilly Days.
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The Beef-A-Rama, held in Minocqua, Wisconsin, in September, is truly a sight to see.

And the site at which this URL is found has a treasure trove of more of the same.
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Zilker Park Kite Festival held annually in Austin (4th Mar'07). I attended it this year. It was good fun with events such as synchronized kite-flying and awards for the smallest kite.
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The Mummers Parade held on new years day in Philadelphia may have the fancy oddness you are seeking.
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The McClure Radish Festival. Beer, radishes, not much else.
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Baltimore has a zillion festivals, big , small, and even smaller. It also used to have the I Am An American Day Parade but sadly that seems to have lapsed, which is a drag, because it was awesome and featured Miss Dundalk in a prom dress sitting on a brown plaid couch in the back of a pickup waving slowly.

We have a bunch here in Asheville too, including Brewgrass, Folkmoot, and of course Bele Chere.
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The Collinsville Horseradish Festival. Beer, horseradishes, maybe a little ketchup thrown in.
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Dragon*Con (gigantic annual SF con) has an annual Parade, complete with Stormtroopers marching down the streets of Atlanta. (2004 photos)
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Juneteenth in Texas is the anniversary of the day Texan slaves found out about the Emancipation Proclamation (2.5 years too late).
BagelFest is a celebration of the bagel in Mattoon, Illinois. Unfortunately, they celebrate the crappy Lender's bagels that are manufactured there.
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My hometown of Lagrange, Indiana has an annual street fair (Indiana's oldest, I believe) every Fall called Corn School. Other Hoosier highlights include Fort Wayne's Johnny Appleseed Festival and Rome City's Chatauqua Days.
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Henley-On-Todd Regatta in Alice Springs - "boats" are raced on foot down the dry bed of the Todd River.
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Surprised nobody's mentioned the Asstival, er... Mule Days at Benson (NC), coming up on 21-24 September.

Another offbeat September offering — but halfway around the globe — is The World of WearableArt. WOW is actually a very cool art/fashion smashup that takes place in Wellington NZ; Prime Minister Helen Clark has taken part. ('05 winners' gallery here; scroll down for pix)
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The Loyalty Day Parade and the Garlic Festival on the Long Beach Peninsula. (Sorry, haven't lived there in years. Don't really remember which small town hosted what.)
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Olympia, Washington has a Procession of the Species parade. (I guess it's the opposite of the pet parade -- there are no pets allowed, just people dressed as animals or plants or things.)
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Chestertown Tea Party (Chestertown MD, about Memorial Day Weekend) to celebrate the dumping of the British Tea into the river (Boston wasn't the only Tea Party!)

Sweet Pea Festival in Bozeman, MT, first weekend in August. Artsy festival with music and art.

Saint Patricks Day, in Butte, MT (I hear it is an all day green beer fest with a parade thrown in.)

Testicle Festival, Clinton, MT, to celebrate the castration of the steer. I never actually attended, but I hear they taste great.

Wife of 445supermag
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Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

(The real one's in Germany, of course.)
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