Please tell me the precise height of Jimmy Buffett
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Please tell me the precise height of Jimmy Buffett

I would have thought this was easily google-able, but it seems not. Recalling a story for my friend in which I was in the same bar with Jimmy Buffett one drunken night at a Jazzfest several years ago, I expressed my surprise at how short I thought he was. My friend was shocked with disbelief at this revelation. We now have a standing bet on a case of good beer: I claim Jimmy Buffett is 5'6" or shorter, and my friend says 5'7" or taller.

Citations of any kind are preferred, but other anecdotal experiences are helpful as well.

Incidentally, Ed Bradley was there too.
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This site says 5'8". It points to a Jimmy Buffet site that may be the source, but I can't find the height there.
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Jimmy Buffet literally ran into my sister in New Orleans a few years ago. She's 5'7" and was wearing flat shoes. He was absolutely shorter than her. I would guess 5'5"
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For visual reference: ">Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet

Alan Jackson is 6'4". Say his cowboy boots add two inches, so call him 6'6". It looks like he is ~10-11 inches taller than Jimmy in this photo.
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Oh good christ. Try this link:

Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet
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He certainly looks below average height in this picture, although the guy in the striped shirt seems to be very tall, the man in the suit may be over six feet tall and the man standing to the left of the picture probably average height, perhaps 5'9.
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I love Ask Metafilter.
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Update: The photo provided by essexjan is interesting, but of course problematic because we don't have a frame of reference. However, the photo was great for another reason: The guy hosting the photo, is in the photo.

I contacted the guy on the left via you go:

I have a bet with a friend of mine regarding the precise height of Jimmy Buffett. Surprisingly, I have been unable to find a good citation for this on his webpage, so I'm digging a little further. I found this photo of you and Jimmy here:

I was hoping you could provide me with your own height so I could take a guess. Also your own guess at his height would be welcome as well.

His response:

I’m 5 10” and 195. I was surprised at his height when I met him (for all of 30 seconds). I’m guessing 5’ 6” max. Check out the 5 O’clock Somewhere Video. He looks like a munchkin compared to Alan Jackson.

So, still no rock hard evidence, but I'm getting there.

I also have an inquiry in with a photographer friend whose friend dated Jimmy Buffett's daughter a few years ago. Still waiting for an answer from him.
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