Where to see interesting political/scientific/general interest talks in London
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Where to see interesting political/scientific/general interest talks in London

I enjoy going to talks and learning about new things. I have already gone to quite a few talks in London, including the political/social talks organised by Friends of Le Monde Diplomatique (the website's seems to be down at the moment, but was working last week), scientific talks at the Science Museum's Dana Centre and travel talks at the Globetrotter's club. I see that the Royal Society in London also has occasional talks.

Is there anywhere else that runs regular talks? I don't mind paying to see things, although would prefer it to be free or only a few quid. I'm interested in going to talks about pretty much any topic - politics, social & environmental issues, travel, food etc. Not so keen on seeing authors/ businesses talk as I've found they tend to be focussed on the book they're publicising or selling their business.

Any ideas?
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You could check out the local cafe scientifique - there seem to be 4 in London.
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Try the Lecture List
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You could try the universities for starters:


The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce has a good lecture programme.

Basically any publicly funded or education based organisation will probably have some sort of public outreach programme.
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Prospect magazine has a regular list of events across the categories you mention.
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I'd be going to Skeptics in the Pub if it weren't for the fact I don't live in London.
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I love the lectures given by the Royal Geographical Society.

The lectures at the Commonwealth Club aren't quite what they used to be back in the days when Nelson Mandela was an occasional speaker but they're still stimulating.

Parliament is prorogued at the moment but after the summer holidays you might find the procedings of the Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee ticks lots of your boxes.

Time Out magazine has a weekly lectures and talks section you might want to consult that.
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Try to openDemocracy 'events page'.
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Gresham College and the RSA both have an excellent and varied programme of talks. The Royal Geographic Society also has a good series. A good place to look is "The List" towards the back of Prospect magazine (a fine read in its own right as well).
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or what everyone else said before. Sorry.
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Nobody's mentioned the Dana Centre at IC yet.
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Nobody's mentioned the Dana Centre at IC yet.

Apart from the poster...
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