How to convert WinAmp playlists for iTunes?
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iTunesFilter: Easy way to convert WinAmp playlists for use in iTunes? Without a plug-in?

I have a shoutcast radio station based off a playlist (in WinAmp) which I update exhaustively every few weeks. That runs fine, but when it comes time to fill my iPod, I'd love to be able to take the whole playlist with me. I've tried transferring files through WinAmp, but nothing seems to transfer. I've also tried this plug-in for WinAmp which seems to be out of date and nonfunctional:

My WinAmp is the actual internet radio server, so I'd prefer to convert the file rather than be straining WinAmp itself to do anything. If I can convert and open the playlist in iTunes and drop it onto my iPod that'd be great.

If no one knows an easy way, I could try and form playlists in iTunes first and then convert to WinAmp for the radio update, but I just did my radio overhaul and I'd love to fill my iPod now without duplicating my work.

(Gory details: Win XP, newest iTunes and WinAmp, iPod is 30gig video, playlists are around 40 hours/500 songs)
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Best answer: How about this found here.
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I've listened to your stream (which I really enjoy, btw) and I've noticed that it's formatted as AAC+, which iTunes doesn't speak—it does speak AAC. So I think you'd need to transcode. (btw, I listen in using VLC—I'd appreciate being able to use iTunes for this as well.)
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Response by poster: Ya, all my audio files are regular high bitrate mp3s, so I don't actually need to convert them. AAC+ format is encoded from my mp3s in WinAmp and shuttled off in a stream to my radio server. I'd like to broadcast in 128k MP3 format, but it's pretty expensive to host even a 64kbps stream.....AAC+ just gives the best bang for the buck.

iTunes will support it sooner or later. I've gotta listen with VLC on my MacBook as well.

Thanks for the responses you two!
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Response by poster: Oh, heh, and so I don't seem like a total idiot.....I once tried opening my playlist in iTunes but figured that it couldn't read the format since the file extension couldn't be filtered in the Type list.

Should have just tried to drag and drop. ; - /
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