WANTED: Hard Case for Eyeglasses.
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I'm looking for the equivalent of a flight case for eyeglasses.

My eyeglasses came with a terrific hard-shell case that keeps them snug and protected; but the hinge has become slightly bent after 4 years' use, and I want to find a replacement. I called the store where I bought them, but no luck.

They're Cartier frames, so obviously, I'd like the sort of case I could safely throw underneath a truck without risking what's inside. Sunglass Hut carries a decent hard-shell case with a rubberized exterior that's relatively cheap; but eyeglasses are smaller than sunglasses, so I need a case manufactured specifically for eyeglasses. I figured, since lots of high-end accessory brands sell leather cases for eyeglasses, there must be someone selling a top-drawer, bulletproof hard case.

Can anyone point me in a helpful direction?
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The Oakley vault is the closest I've seen...obviously designed for use with their glasses but I have an older square case and it fits my eye glasses easily. When I bought it 10 years ago my friends and i tossed it out the window of a 12 story hotel and it landed without incident in the parking lot, glasses intact.
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JC Penney has a Silver Rhodium Plated Engravable Eyeglass Case for $21

Here's a custom plated case for $35

An aluminum case for under $10.

My RayBans came in something similar to this and it's on sale for $5

Finally, if it's good enough for a jobsite, it's probably pretty dang durable.
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