Under-18 music venues in Toronto?
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Weekend-tripping to Toronto August 18-20 with a thirteen year old, looking for live music and other advice...

The ersatzboy is 13, a drummer/hockey player/hockey fan/skate rat, heavily into heavy music - loves rock, punk, metal, tolerates ska, hates pop. Last time we were in Toronto, we did all the touristy "stuff" in two days - CN Tower, Air Canada Center tour, Hockey Hall of Fame (I was thisclose to the Stanley Cup - eep!) and so on. We'd love to take him someplace to hear live music this time, obviously we'd need an underage-friendly option.

I'd appreciate any specific advice for that weekend - venues, shows, etc., anything or anyplace you know of that is under-18 friendly. Anything else that might fit his li'l profile, I'd appreciate!
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1) You can look at the music listings in Eye and NOW (perhaps closer to the date, both alt weeklies come out on Thursday) and see if there's anything he'd want to see , then contact the venue to double check about age requirements. (Sometimes it will say "all ages" in the listings)
2) If you want a more general list of places to check out and nobody on here knows exactly which places are all ages (I think it changed a bit after the non-smoking bylaw* and I'm confused now.) then the people at the Toronto livejournal community will definately know. (I lukr there sometimes, and out of towners seem to get questions like this answered all the time, so you might even be able to find something in their archives.)

*The bylaw: since two(?) years, smoking is not allowed in bars anymore, and some bars allow children now, but don't serve them alcohol. However, for shows they might still say that nobody under 19 is allowed inside.
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Even the many "all ages" shows aren't likely to allow 13 year olds. He *might* like the Magneta Lane show at Playdium on the 19th, but he might think that they're girls, and perhaps too poppy for his punk edge. That seems like the most likely venue for him to get into, since it's essentially an arcade.
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Why wouldn't all ages venues allow 13 year olds? I saw a kid that couldn't have been over 10 at a Ted Leo show with his dad a few months ago. And I went to see an all-ages Against Me! (probably the "punkest" band I listen to) show last winter and there were kids at least that young. (At the Opera House, which has been all-ages everytime I've ever gone, if that helps.)

I don't have any other suggestions beyond checking Eye or Now. Harbourfront has free music on weekends, but that weekend is about Taiwanese culture, so I doubt anything would suit.
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The Kathedral/Reverb combination (SE corner of Queen/Bathurst - the first floor and second floor, respectively) often has all-ages punk shows, sometimes starting in the afternoon. The age policy isn't listed on their site, however, but will definitely be listed in Eye or Now - grab a print copy starting Wednesday night because I don't think those details are on their sites either.
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I checked on the handy-dandy Toronto scenester message board and his best bet might be the 3tards show at the Kathedral on the 18th. It's an all-ages show. They describe themselves as an asscore band, so he might have a great time but I'm not sure how much you'll have if you go with. The Bicycles have an matinee at the Tranzac on the afternoon of the 19th. They are a "pop" band, but pop band as in the Beatles playing the Cavern in Liverpool, not Mrs. Federline playing a baseball stadium. This show strikes me as more the type of thing the whole family could have fun at, yet it's still a hip, indie sort of thing that might earn you some cred.
As for other things to do with a 13 year old skater type in the city: Kensington Market is a great place to visit on a sunny weekend. Amongst all the other cool stuff the market has to offer, he can visit Adrift skate shop on Augusta just south of College.
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There's always the Ex, which will just be kicking off while you're here. Also, I went to High Park for the first time with my friend from out of town, and there seems to be a lot going on there.
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