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Are there any rap or hip-hop songs that sample from 70's prog groups?

I'd like to find examples of songs sampling from early Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, etc.

I guess it doesn't have to be hip-hop or rap, any songs will do.
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I know that Mixmaster Mike (of Beastie Boys fame) is well known for having mishmashed Rush... that's a start, at least...
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Edan - "The Beauty and the Beat" might be sort of close to what you're looking for; I don't think he samples any of the bands you named, most of the beats are created from 60's psych.
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De La Soul sampled Steely Dan's "Peg."
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I could've sworn the other day that I heard a rap song playing in a bar that used Can's "Vitamin C" as the backing loop. I may be mistaken as it was obscured in the din of bar conversation ... if I'm right then I'd love to know what this is! (I would think Can qualifies as 70's prog rock ...)
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The place you would want to look is The Breaks, which has a big database of samples.
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Being kind of proggy itself, The Orb has sampled a ton of stuff from the 70s.
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DJ Riko mashes yes and Schoolly D

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I know EPMD's debut album, Strictly Business, used Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle. There may have been some other 1970's goodness on the album as well.
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Holy crap, give maxreax the best answer award. For example, here's the EPMD page. Scroll down a ways to get to the rock 'n roll part. Very cool.
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Your ticket is called Ludic Despair - there's very little info online, but it was mentioned on the Some Assembly Required blog, so you can hear some segments from it there.

It's much more art-damage-mashup than hip-hop, but a number of his collage pieces include proggy bits (been a while since I listened to it...there's Yes in there for sure).
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Steely Dan used in hip hop.
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Young MC sampled several Mike Oldfield tracks on “Inside My Head.”
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Slum Village 2005 album has an awesome song called "Multiply" which samples from King Crimson's "I Talk to the Wind." Check that out.
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'Fly Like An Eagle' was used in a Biz Markie song whose name escapes me right now. DJ Shadow samples the Alan Parsons Project, among many other things. And you might check out Monkone's 'Breakin Rocks' mix, which is dedicated to rock songs that have been sampled by hip-hop artists. But yeah, there's a subset of hip-hop folks (usually called 'crate diggers') that absolutely relish the obscure sample, the unexpected break, etc.

(Apologies if Steve Miller and Alan Parsons aren't prog--I know a lot more about hip-hop than I do about prog-rock.)
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Parsons, yes. Miller, no. (he'd be more San Francisco psyche and post-psyche, loosley speaking)
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go to the-breaks.net
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Madvillain's Strange Ways samples from a Gentle Giant song, one called Funny Ways I think.
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Alan Parsons "Sirius" is used in Diddy's "The Saga Continues".
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UK group Audio Bullys sampled Elvis Costello's 'Watching the Detectives' in their song 'Way too Long'.

But whether or not Audio Bullys counts as Rap/Hip Hop is a whole other story.
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Oops, I missed the part about prog. Disregard the Costello.
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The Kleptones did it with Queen. That's 80s? Kinda close? Maybe?
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Nas samples Toto's "Africa" in "New World", and almost manages to make it sound cool. Almost.
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DJ Z-Trip did a remix of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" if that counts. I think it was on the soundtrack to "Small Soldiers".
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Queen. That's 80s? Kinda close? Maybe?

Barely. But not prog. Post-glam, maybe.
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