Suggestions for gifts of Indian origin
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Birthday gift filter: My sister has an interest in India and Bollywood, what gifts could I find her online for her birthday in just under two weeks?

My sister has her birthday in 13 days and I've yet to find a present for her. For the last six years, she's maintained an interest in India and Bollywood films (helped by having many friends from the culture, including a visit two years ago). However, I'm completely clueless to whats the most interesting items or best movies produced recently (out side of the major promotions like Bride and Prejudice). Would anyone have any suggestions for presents? Bonus points if its found through (free shipping for me there).
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You could buy her a copy of the dvd Bride And Prejudice. I rather enjoyed it.
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I could suggest a few blogs that review Bollywood films and are written by Westeners. Maybe that could give you a few ideas as to what films to buy.


Nothing to Declare

Beth Loves Bollywood

baba aur bollywood

Totally Basmatic is a pretty popular site for ordering Bollywood DVDs online. Not sure what Amazon's collection is like. Hope this helps!
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Bombay Dreams DVD and/or soundtrack?
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No Bride and Prejudice. No Bombay Dreams. They're just pale imitations of the real thing, IMO (and I love Bollywood films, though I rarely get around to seeing them).
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Does she like filmi music? Amazon has some great collections of songs from the old classic movies. I have this one which someone got me a while ago, but there are plenty more.

A better 'accessible' Bollywood movie than Bride and Prejudice was Monsoon Wedding - if she hasn't seen this, I highly recommend it as a gift.
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Not sure how old she is, but if shes still in the collegiate poster phase you may want to try getting her some Bollywood film posters.

Couple places to start:

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Bombay The Hard Way: Guns, Cars And Sitars is a collection of 'gently' remixed Bollywood standards (common movie themes) by Dan the Automator (of Gorillaz). The result is something up-tempo of Thievery Corporation and suitable for dancing/driving/whatever. Surprising how well the sound/style fits into the Western music vocabulary.

Vol. 2 is also available, mixed by various electronica outfits (probably not as good).
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PLEASE don't buy her Bride and Prejudice, it was AWFUL (take it from a real live indian person whose mother is addicted to bollywood). The Bombay Dreams soundtrack is really fun, but it's also not real bollywood. I'd go for one of the CDs mentioned above (I'll second the Bombay The Hard Way CDs, they're a lot of fun), and I also recommend Rough Guide to Bollywood CD and a few others in the series. The poster idea is a great one, ASM!!
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If she doesn't already have it, buy her Gumnaam
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Here are the most popular Bollywood films of recent memory. All are available on Amazon:

Salaam Namaste
Kal Ho Na Ho
Khabi Kush Khabi Gham
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The easiest thing to would be to get her a Netflix subscription. Maybe you can tell her you'll prepay the first 3-4 months. Then she can watch Bollywood to her heart's content.

Hope this helps!
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What about a nice Amitabh Bachchan t-shirt?
ok, it looks like it may only be mens sizes. poo.
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Something different: Get her a nice outfit. A salwhar khameez, or a sari if you dare. She could wear it to formal events and stand out.
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A Tribute to Mohamad Rafi is available from double (?) DVD of one hundred clips of hit songs from Bollywood films from the early Fifties to the Seventies.Includes that outrageous song used in Ghost World 'Jaan Pehchaan Ho'.Region free too.
Golden Collection Lata Mangeshkar is a similar DVD with female vocals.They are both as cheap as chips and your sister will love you forever for getting her some authentic Indian/Bollywood culture.
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Lagaan was something of a hit in the West, as these things go. She may already own a copy. Official site.
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The CD "Radio India" is available on Amazon and is great fun. It's a mash-up of radio broadcasts that includes music, ads and talk.
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Dance lessons on dvd? A quick search on Amazon reveals several possibilities.
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There's a clip from Gumnaam available here.
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Thanks for all the great suggestions, folks! I do believe you've helped me complete a list of presents. Hopefully, my sister will thank you all in a couple weeks.
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