Cheap blues harmonica lessons in chicago
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Blues Harmonica lessons in Chicago? I live in Old Irving Park. School teacher salary.

I obviously want something good, cheap, and close. Thanks for any help.
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The Old Town School of Folk Music.
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(I should mention that it's not in Old Town anymore. Their main location is in Lincoln Square, not too far east of Old Irving.)
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Old Town School. My friend Ari works there as an administrator and used to teach harmonica but I'm not sure if he does anymore. You can 1) look for classes on their website or 2) call the school and ask to talk to him if you want to and ask him what he suggests. He plays harmonica and would know where to go if they don't have a current class. I'll be in Chicago in a few weeks and could give you an intro if you're still looking, email is in my profile.
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