How can I force this computer to adopt a lower resolution and keep it?
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I've sold my home computer to my business. The computer is running WinXP Home Edition. My monitor at home was at some super-fancy resolution, but none of the monitors at work can operate at anything greater than 1024x768. As a result, when the computer boots into Windows, the monitors shut themselves off.

I've tried to boot into safe mode to reset the resolution, but it doesn't "stick". How do I set a lower resolution without taking the computer home and reconnecting it to the old monitor?

Well, silly me. More persistant googling paid off. I had the right idea before, but didn't follow through. For anyone else facing this same problem, here's what you do:
  1. Boot your computer as normal.
  2. When the computer is finished booting, and you're faced with your black screen, right click. Press the up arrow. Press enter. Though you can't see it, this should get you to the display properties.
  3. Press tab four times. Press the right arrow four times. Press tab once. Now you have, theoretically, highlighted the slider that controls display resolution.
  4. Press the left arrow a couple of times to get a lower display resolution.
  5. Press enter.
  6. Voila!
This worked for me. There's probably an easier way, though.

Sorry to have wasted your time.
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Yeh, I was going to say, memorise the key sequence. I've had to do this before, but for something even more elaborate. Flying blind isn't fun ;)
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I had a video card once that wouldn't work with the "Safe" VESA drivers (an Evans and Sutherland for the curious). Memorizing the keystrokes to change a driver is even more saddening.
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I've had to do this before.

An operating system so wonderful, that you have to memorize a key sequence when it won't remember the resolution you tell it to stick to in debug mode.
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