Give Scotty back his voice!
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Help me to return a motion-sensing garden gnome to his former glory!

My friend has a motion sensing garden gnome named Scotty. You walked past him and he made a noise. The only problem is, his motion sensor died a long time ago. After one attempt to fix it, she threw out the electronics so now Scotty is just a gnome.

I want to give Scotty a new sensor/buzzer. I'm no expert at electronics, but I'm not entirely clueless. There is a hole, probably a little bigger than 0.5cm in diameter drilled in the front where the old sensor used to be. The inside is completely hollow.

What's the easiest/cheapest way to go about this?
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Go to American Science and Surplus and search for motion detector. They have a diy kit and several items that use motion sensors.
You could also get a motion sensing light fixture and use an adaptor to go from the light socket to an outlet and plug a noise maker into it.
Mcmaster-carr has the individual pieces to make motion sensors.
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Buy this talking Winnie the Pooh from eBay and swap the guts out into Scotty. It will be a lot cheaper than building your own from parts.
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