Overview of European history?
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My girlfriend fiance (thanks, AskMefi!) has managed to make it through high school, college, and now grad school without taking a course in European history. She is looking for a objective, broad, but intelligent survey of the post-Renaissance period. Any book recommendations?
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you could try this - it's much more general, but perhaps in the right spirit. not sure objective is quite the word, though.
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Palmer & Colton's History of the Modern World was (and maybe still is) a standard text on the subject.
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I loved From Dawn to Decadence : 500 Years of Western Cultural Life 1500 to the Present by Jacques Barzun. It's also available as a recorded book from audible.com.
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Millennium, by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto.
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Europe: A History by Davies is pretty good. I found that it skimmed over much that I already knew (English history) and assumed you had some knowledge, but at 1600 pages, it's hard to squeeze everything in.

I'm currently up to WWII, and have really enjoyed it.
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I second the recommendation for Palmer & Colton.
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Second grumblebee's Barzun recommendation.
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