Google map API more detailed than!
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Why does Google Maps API show more detail than

I went to fish lake today, found the lake info on this URL, it uses google maps API.

I went to, and it doesnt have the lake, the road is a little different, and the Topo info isnt the same zoom level.,+-121%C2%B0+3%27+54.00%22

Any ideas why they are different? I noticed yahoo and microsoft are also missing updated info on lakes in the areas.

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Google Maps uses data from NAVTEQ, while the API serves up data provided by TeleAtlas, presumably because of licensing issues. Nathan Torkington has a post on O’Reilly Radar entitled "Google Maps and Their Data Providers" discussing exactly this issue. In fact, the TeleAtlas FAQ specifically mentions the Google API functionality.
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Note that the API isn't always more detailed; in tracing the route of the Boston Marathon last year, I noticed that there were areas where had more detail, and other areas where the API provided the best detail. It's a bit insane, actually; there are clearly reasons for the need for two map data providers, but it's a need Google should work to eliminate.
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Anecdotally, in every instance I've ever come across where they differ, it's always been showing more accurate information than the API version.
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