Michfest tips?
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So I'm about to head to Michfest for the first time!! Got any last-minute advice about things I've got to check out or do?

(I've read their site including some of the forum topics, and read the tips from Babs... I think I'm good in practical terms, and now I'm basically looking for personal recommendations about anything I might not have noticed from my book larnin). I'll have web access til Monday at noon-or-so.
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Best answer: If you can't get laid in Michigan, you can't get laid.

Showers are just a way to get dirt to your lower extremities.

If you want meat you're out of luck.

Alcohol? bring it yourself and hide it if you want it.

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Best answer: Go across the road and down a bit and check out Camp Trans.

Talk to the people there, hang out, and see what you think about what they're saying.
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Best answer: Don't make assumptions about weather--plan for heat, cold, and rain. Drink a lot of water. Don't try to do too much. If you get lost or confused or have a question, the Traffic and Security stations are good places to get help, advice, and directions.

Try to have some clearheadedness about whether you really will wear that $100 batiked dress with the naked womyn on it and the bells around the hem when you get home (or, if you feel you must have one, e-mail me when you get back and I'll sell you a lightly used for for half price ).

Don't make any life-changing decisions mid-week...don't break up with your girlfriend at home by phone, for instance, in favor of the hottie you met in the "Past-Life Tribal Drumming" workshop.

If you're a night owl looking for something to do after everything has settled down for the night, the security crews at the front gate, the back gate, and the tail end of the road into the national forest (past the workshop areas) are up all night around the fire and love company.

Have a great time.

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Response by poster: Thanks for the great tips! Luckily I'm good at resisting impulse purchases... and I'm definitely planning to visit Camp Trans... and I'm definitely hoping to get laid. :)

But speaking of the security workers, does anybody have opinions about what their favorite workshifts were ??

(I realize I'm asking this question late enough in the week that people most into the topic are probably on the road already -- but let's see if we can get some good discussion going here, for next year's people when they're searching for "michfest")...

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It's been about a decade since I was there, but, unless things have changed, nobody calls it "MichFest". If you're from Michigan, it's "Festival". If you're not, it's "Michigan".

I also think there's some other festival in Michigan that goes by "MichFest", so you risk confusion.

Of course, just saying "Michigan Womyn's Music Festival" is completely unambiguous.

Have a great time; it's a fabulous experience.
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Security workshifts are good, IMO. I used to be on the security crew and women who came to do their shifts with us seemed to enjoy themselves--it's a very social crew, there's a lot of sitting around talking by the fire and such-like. Also you get to overhear the radios and find out that way what's going on on the Land.

Garbage is surprisingly pleasant.
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Response by poster: To update, I had a very mellow time. The performances were really interesting overall (especially Toshi Reagon, Staceyann Chin & my already-favorite Gail Ann Dorsey). Camp Trans was very welcoming and equally mellow-feeling. Food was great (IMO) and food lines were short (though I hear this was a low-attendance year, which tends to happen in each year that follows an anniversary -- last year was the 30th anniversary). Plenty of people on the web & the michfest discussion boards call it "michfest" (because "Michigan" isn't searchable or specific enough as shorthand).
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Response by poster: Also, anybody reading this thread who wants to read lots of fest discussion & info: your best bet is the official discussion boards at michfest.com.
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