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Dog names: My family just got two new puppies. They're both female and five months old, and both are rat terrier/ Jack Russell mixes. Anyone have some good names for little girl dogs?

One is smaller but more lively; she looks a bit more like a Jack Russell. The other is larger and quieter and looks more like a rat terrier. Both have white bodies and black/brown markings on their heads. We aren't adverse to names that go together, but it would be better if they didn't sound the same. My father and brothers don't like names that are overly frou- frou, but we want them to have girl names. I'm not necessarily going to take any names from this thread, but we really need some inspiration so general categories of names are fine too.
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take a photo and ask people on
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maxine and minim
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Fear and Loathing
Death and Dismemberment
Assault and Battery
Thelma and Louise
Gin and Juice
O.J. and A.C.
Black and Decker
Black and Mild
Sly and Robbie
Kate and Allie
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Mossop and Keanrick
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Ava and Audrey?
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Sturm und Drang
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Cagney and Lacey
Sleater and Kinney
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Go through your favorite movies, books and music. Look for heroines (or pairs of heroines). Paired dogs are adorable. I once knew Bichons named Emmy and Oscar!
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In honor of the mixed breed:

"Jackie O." and "Rattatouile."
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Cindy and Nancy
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Zoinks and Jinkies!
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What about flower names? Calyx and Corolla, Poppy, Daisy, Lily, Rose, etc?
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Marianne for the lively one and Elinor for the quiet one.
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Soothie and The Banshee?
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Given that they're both terrierists, how about any of Ulrike (Meinhof), Patty (Hearst), Leila (Khaled), or other ladies who've taken up that line of work? Not the most tasteful names, I'll grant.

Or just Perosteck Balveda and Diziet Sma, or Livueta and Darckense.
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Paris and Nicky?
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Xena and Gabrielle

Wilma and Betty

Betty and Veronica

Romy and Michele
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I think Nipsey would be a good name for one of them. Maybe Jackie for the other?

Did anyone else notice that on paulsc's link "Reagan and Riley" and "Parker and Payton" made the list for boy/boy twins, girl/girl twins and boy/girl twins?
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Ethel & Lucy
Ethel & Julia
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Wingus and Dingus.
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Goofus and Gallant, for that matter.
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Blanche & Stella
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ying and yang

Cruella and Ursula?

Cinderalla and Aurora?

Minnie and Daisy?

Blanche and DuBois?
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You could go the Honeymooners route like my folks did with our cats growing up.

Alice and Trixie. We later added Ralph.
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I'd name them "Betty" (for the smaller, more active one) and "The General".
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Bitch 1 and Bitch 2.
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Scylla and Charybdis

Laverne and Shirley

Charlotte and Emily
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Anthea and Saskia
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pictures please :)
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Gizmo and Gadget
Sprocket and Cog
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Jambalaya and The Fix
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margo and roxy
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Rosie and Daisy
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Lucy & Ethel
Lilith & Delilah
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Magenta and Columbia
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Thank you for all of the suggestions! We have just about decided on Speck (my family likes Pee Wee Herman) for the little crazy one and Gwen (for Guinevere) for the calm, regal one. I'd post some pictures, but getting them to a) sit still and b) look in the same direction for long enough to take a picture is pretty much impossible.
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bush n blair betty n page
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