Good tie storage, or good paperboard stock?
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I need a really good tie storage idea or a place to find a big sheet of thick, high-quality paperboard.

This has been bugging me for about a year now. I have a decent tie collection, and I do not have a good way to store it.

The usual suggestions, in my opinion, are bullshit. I don't want to roll my ties (even if I can use a tolet paper roll), hanging them doesn't work, because they're either at risk of damage or difficult to get to (and the wooden pegs splinter, and the steel pegs aren't big enough, and it's easy to tear across the bias when I remove them, etc.), and high-quality tie boxes suck, as one must put at least three folds in a tie, and those folds eventually become creases because the box is half an inch too shallow.

I currently have my nicest ties in a Thomas Pink shirt box, because it's the sturdiest paperboard box that I can find. But the dimensions of this box are all wrong.

Unless I find another solution, I want to build a paperboard box that will fit nicely in my Ikea wardrobe. It shouldn't be too hard-- just make each length and width two inches too big, cut four 1x1" squares out of each corner, and fold up and fasten the outermost inch into four corners.

All this is a roundabout way of asking:

1. Do you have a better tie storage idea?
2. Where can I find (preferably acid-free) a 26"x38" (66cm x 97cm) or bigger piece of paperboard?
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Best answer: You can get ready-made archival storage boxes in quite a few sizes at The Container Store. There's probably one in your area - they're everywhere. Museum and library supply places also carry these boxes, and might have additional sizes and shapes.

If you want to build your own box, Pearl has a good selection of acid-free mat board that would probably work. It's the type used for matting framed artwork, nice and heavy. It comes in lots of colors, and in big sheets. Pearl also has many stores nationwide, or you could go to a local framer and ask if you could buy a sheet of mat board from them.
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Response by poster: The Container Store boxes are a bit too tall, I think, but Pearl might have exactly what I'm looking for. So you, Quietgal, are pretty awesome.

Other suggestions still welcome!
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I've used a couple of pants hangers to hang ties for the last several years. They all still hang straight and there's no creases.
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aw, shucks, Kwantsar!
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