What are your sexual buttons?
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Do you have particular actions that you find particularly sexual that aren't necessarily?

I'm a heterosexual women, and I've found that being hugged strongly by a man is really sexy. Essentially, when a man shows his strength, it really pushes my buttons. One of my friends agreed with me, and I've been wondering do other people experience this. As well, I'm curious about whether this changes with sexual orientation. So, what pushes your buttons? Do you think your particular sexual orientation influences it? How?
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It's not so much an action, but when girls wear satchels or tote bags and let the strap cross their chest and fall between their boobs.... that's the best. I almost died when college humor did an entire photoset on boobs and seatbelts.

To tell you the truth, pretty much anything that has to do with boobs is sexy.
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Sexy and sexual are two different things, of course. Sexy just means "looks good to you, attracts your attention, turns you on maybe" while sexual means "of or having to do with sex if not a sexual act unto itself."

It's sexy when a woman tosses her hair around, for example, but not sexual. I think what you mean is sexy, not sexual.

There's so much... wow. Smiling while walking by is always good.

There's this thing some women do around the office. I work in a bullpen, so there are lots of desks all around each other. Woman A goes over to someone's desk to speak with Person B. That person is sitting down. So Woman A bends forward, and in a standing position rests her hands or even elbows on the desk. She remains this way through the conversation, as they both look together at the computer screen (perhaps) or a paper on the desk. This is a very fine posture for displaying the posterior. Pulling up a chair just doesn't work the same magic.

Being hugged strongly? You're practically talking intercourse, there...
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If I see a gal bite her lower lip, even just a little, I'm completely undone.
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c:\awesome: haha. So true. I think they do it on purpose.
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What Zozo said, plus any time a woman tuck nice sunglasses down the front of their v-neck shirts.

Though for me that's just because it accentuates what's behind.
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Wow...going back to read other comments, I guess I'm not as much of a breast-freak as I assumed.
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One of my best friends gets turned on by watching left-handed girls write.
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stoneegg21: My wife (hetero female) has the same thing about a strong hug/backrub that you do.

Zozo: Absolutely.
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