I have valid XHTML and CSS which won't work in MSIE 6.0.
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For some unknown reason, my validating XHTML and CSS is totally broken in MSIE 6.0.. the text doesn't always appear, and will only show up if you minimize the browser and maximize it, or if you scroll down and then back up. This problem is driving me batty! I checked the css-discuss wiki and archives for answers, but no joy.
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This is just a guess, but IE has some pretty nasty bugs with floats. I actually encountered the exact same bug that it looks like is afflicting your page: text running alongside a floated image, with an element after the image with the style "clear: [whatever side the image is on]". Specifically, your <br style="clear: both" /> tags.

I didn't actually try fixing your page, though, so I may be way off.
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Looks to me like it's a float issue too. If you get no more specific help here, a good place to ask such questions is the css-discuss list, with which you're obviously already familiar...
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Try taking the "position: relative" off the floated imagery. I don't see what it's doing and that sometimes throws IE into a tizzy.
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I fixed this problem by adding a "line-height" declaration to a parent element above the affected block. Don't ask me why it works, but it does.
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(Hierarchically above, not positionally.)
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I think IE (wrongly) doesn't reserve any space for the relatively-positioned, floated elements (here, the imagery. So line-height might offset this. "clear: both" on the element after the image might do the same (all stated without reviewing the code again).
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Seconding brownpau's fix (which I got via the same link that cedar posted above). It works.
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Ahhh. Thank you all so much.
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