Can you recommend good USB headphones?
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Can you recommend good USB headphones? As usual there's

I'm looking for a pair of USB Headphones worth having. I'm on a clean office kick right now and have also just received a keyboard that has USB ports built in. So, I thought that it would help me eliminate clutter if I had a pair of USB headphones instead of my existing cheapo Sony ear buds connected to my PC via the extension cable that runs across my desk.

I'd like something of decent quality (is there such a thing in USB headphones?) but they also shouldn't cost an arm and a leg; these are, after all, for use at work.

I have searched AskMe for the phrase "USB Headphones" and was unable to find enough information or even a clear recommendation. Google was awash with just about too much information. The hive mind has helped with purchases before, so once again, I submit to you.

(Also, I can't imagine it matters, but these will be used with a Windows XP SP2 PC.)
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Generally, USB headphones are going to be unnecesarily costly and/or inferior quality. If you want something to plug into to avoid picking up the noisy fans from your computer, there's always the Griffin iMic, but I imagine it would do nothing for your cluttler problem.

Another issue is that usually USB ports on keyboards aren't powered; you probably can plug a mouse or a joystick in there, but not something that's going to need a lot of juice.

Why don't you pick up a 1/8" headphone cord (like a guitar patch cord, but thinner) and put a female end near your keyboard - then you can just plug your regular headphones into that. This would probably solve most of your clutter issues, and it would cost you less than 5 bucks.
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I'm very happy with my Logitech 350 USB headphones. The sound quality is great.
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As a happy user of the Logitech 300 USB Headphones, I concur with jeffmshaw's endorsement of their successor.
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You could also get desktop speakers that have a headphone jack on the front. No messy extension cable, and you'd still have a fairly neat and easily reachable jack for any standard pair of headphones.
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This is a bit of a derail from 'usb headphones' but I'm so happy with then I thought I'd share. Plantronics P590A Bluetooth headphone. Yeah Bluetooth, like wireless! They come in a kit with a wall charger, usb charger, case, and audio dongle. I added on a $15 usb bluetooth dongle since my computer didn't have bluetooth built in. They have an integrated mic so i can seemlessly go from listening to itunes to talking on the cellphone to using my ipod (with the audio dongle). If I skyped these would be even more cool. The audio quality is great and I can get to the water cooler down the hall before the signal is lost. The batteries last plenty long. Just something to think about.
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I also love my Logitech USB headphones.
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I've got a Logitech 350 as well, I even take it to work everyday (video editor in a small crowded office, headphones are a must). The sound is the best I've heard on any headphones, but I'm no audiophile. I've also been told the mic quality is decent, certainly good enough for Skype or Teamspeak. However, they can get uncomfortable after a couple of hours of use, and they are immediately uncomfortable if I'm wearing glasses.
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