What is the name of this song?
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It's driving me mad. My girlfriend thought it was The Entertainer, my housemate calls it Chopsticks. What on Earth is this tune called? Apologies for crap use of recorded midi guitar noise.
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"heart and soul" this may be the first line of the song and not the title, though.
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It's called "Heart and Soul."

A Google search produced this link, with lyrics - http://www.niehs.nih.gov/kids/lyrics/heartsoul.htm
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It's trying to be "Heart and Soul," but the first few notes are actually on the wrong pitches in this sample. Maybe that's why your girlfriend and housemate got it confused with tunes that sound nothing like it.
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I hastily threw the sample together for the sake of this question; it's just the tune we were humming.

But hey, it's "Heart and Soul". Thanks guys!
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for better of for worse it's a common "first song" to learn on piano, as is chopsticks, but they are different songs.
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I think you played the alto part at first. ;-)
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Just fyi, the entertainer is the theme from the Sting.
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Movie trivia time. (although it's not too trivial)

Heart And Soul is the piece that Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia play on the giant keyboard at FAO Schwartz in the movie Big.
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No, they play Chopsticks, I'm pretty sure.
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You're both right. It's a medley of Chopsticks and Heart and Soul.

i know that movie up and down, back and forth.
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So my question, which I doubt even AskMe can answer:

Why, whenever two young girls (ages from say, nine to fourteen) see a piano, they INSTANTLY gravitate toward it and invariably play "Heart and Soul" for what seems like hours on end?
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